Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones
Is the war between Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones revived? In any case, Adesanya lit a wick again.
It is a quarrel that does not end, and that may start again! Israel Adesanya lashed out at Jon Jones in an interview about his upcoming UFC 276 fight against Jared Cannonier.
At the end of the interview, the journalist asks Adesanya how he manages his star status today. And how he copes with this situation.
And, in subtlety, this is how he attacked Jon Jones:
I lead a crazy life. That’s crazy. I’m still learning. I’m still human and make mistakes, but I never make the same mistake more than once.
I learn from my mistakes. That’s the difference between all the people who end up on TMZ and me.
Of course, Adesanya is referring to Jon Jones and all his legal issues on TMZ. In 2 years, the two men have sent each other spades about it, but also about many other things.
Even before Adesanya beat Robert Whitaker in 2019, the tension was starting to rise. But this is what Adesanaya said in October 2019 about Jones:
So this guy unfollowed me. Then he went on TMZ and dropped my name first because he saw that I wanted to fight against him.
He then considered me an adversary in his mind. He was a fan. He’s still a fan. He loves what I do.
This rather harmless statement will snowball. And the story of hostility between the two fighters begins there.
Jones later said that Adesanya would have been crushed and beaten to death if he had fought against him.
He also made fun of him after losing Jan Blachowicz at UFC 259.
Adesanya also sent an incendiary message on Valentine’s Day to Jon Jones. A tweet that referred to Jones’ domestic violence issues.
In short, the story between these two is certainly not over. In March, Israel Adesanya said he still wanted to face Jon Jones, but Jones did not react.
Do you think Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones can ever clash?
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