Israel Adesanya
Alex Pereira’s performance at UFC 276 left middleweight champion Israel Adesanya in the lurch. Here’s why.
At UFC 276 this weekend, Alex Pereira won with a very nice knockout in the first round of their fight.
With this victory, he has a great chance of having a future confrontation with Israel Adesanya.
Israel Adesanya returned to Pereira’s fight and was not impressed.
Here’s what he said:
No, I’m not impressed. It was just Sean Strickland. Oh, it’s easy to ‘boom, left hook’. I was not impressed. I wasn’t impressed with my performance either because of the expectations I set for myself. But, it was still a masterclass on my part.”
Adesanya and Pereira have already shared a ring twice in kickboxing. Pereira has won both times, including one by KO, the only one in the Stylebender’s career.
But Adesanya is confident, as he has improved a lot since their kickboxing fights. Now he wants to prove Pereira wrong.
I’m not the same fighter I was then. I have learned and matured since those fights. So I know what I can do. As I said, I had a ‘sleepless’ night (Editor’s note, he missed his fight). When I fight against him, I will be up to the task
Israel Adesanya has already defended his middleweight title 5 times. He will have to show himself at the level during his sixth title defense. It arrived against Pereira, even if the UFC has not yet recorded anything.
Do you think Alex Pereira could beat Israel Adesanya a third time?
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