Israel Adesanya says Jake Paul is “no joke”

Israel Adesanya with Jake Paul
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Currently, Jake Paul is undoubtedly one of the most controversial figures in the boxing arena. He always somehow managed to be the headline of the news. Well, most of the time Paul got the negative headline cause he is so reckless and talks too much. Boxing also dislikes him for being disrespectful to many senior boxers.

But recently Israel Adesanya told reporters some very good thoughts on Paul’s support. To be honest, some people didn’t take it quite goodly but this is what it is. This also helps to improve Paul’s face among the boxing community.

Adesanya recently appeared in the controversial Charlamagne tha God for an almost two-hour episode of the Brilliant Idiots podcast where he shared his stage with comedian Andrew Schulz. In that talking sessions, Adesanya shared his thoughts on Paul and how he realizes the inner powerful sight of Paul.

Paul fought with former NBA players Nate Robinson at the begging of his career. It was his second match and he won the fight by knockout. The match was featured under the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. On that day Adesanya was in charge of commentary for the Tyson vs Jones match. He also took charge of Paul’s match.

There the UFC star got the chance to observe Paul’s fight. Adesanya said that to commentary Paul’s he had to watch Paul’s previous fight. So after watching both fights of Paul, Adesanya realizes the strength and good fortune of Paul. After the fight, Adesanya went to Paul’s house and they had an eye-to-eye open discussion. Paul’s interest, enthusiasm made Adesanya realize the seriousness of Paul.

Adesanya said, “Nah, Jake Paul’s no joke man. When he knocked out Nate Robinson, I was right there. I commentated that fight night, right. And, post-fight I ended up at his house and I didn’t realize how big of a fan he was.”

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“Being at his house, talking to him, we talked for a long time, and then I kind of realized, like, man, this guy, he’s crazy. And guess what? Those are the ones that get it done.”

“He was serious about boxing. People just thought, like, he’s just doing all this only for fun, he’s just doing this to try and make money, or get clout or whatever, but I was like, no. He’s got all the funds. All the access to be able to get it done.”

Jake Paul’s next fight:

Jake Paul is having a great time in his career. He has a great start and was able to show what he is capable of. He played a total of five matches and won four of them by knockout.

Adesanya and many others wanted a fight between Paul and Tommy Fury. But last December Fury withdrew from the fight and at the time Paul said so many bad things about Fury. Paul also dismissed the possibility of a rematch with Fury. Now, there is a chance to see him fight against former middleweight world titleholder Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

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