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Daniel Cormier recently stated that Jake Paul should face Anderson Silva instead of Michael Bisping.

Jake Paul, king of buzz on the other side of the Atlantic, occupied the media space again this week.

Indeed, he provoked consultant and UFC veteran Michael Bisping, asking him for a boxing fight. The latter did not deflate and confirmed that he wanted to face Paul no matter the time or place.

The tone has risen between the two men as Jake Paul has announced that he will fight at least once in the UFC in his career.

He seems, for the moment, engaged in this “clash” with Michael Bisping, but recently it is Daniel Cormier who intervened in the developing conflict proposing a brand new opponent to Jake Paul (via Youtube):

“If you want to be ‘considered legitimate,” Anderson Silva calls, not Michael Bisping. Do you want an older guy to fight? There’s a former UFC champion who does exactly what you do. His name is Anderson Silva. He’s the one you should be fighting, Jake.

You should call him because, guess what, he’s still in the mold—former UFC champion. Amateur boxer because he’s only done, I don’t know, five boxing fights, just like you. It’s your size and older than you, so it fits perfectly with what you’re looking for.

“You should call Anderson, not Michael Bisping. That’s the real fight. Not only does this fight correspond to what you are looking for, but it will give us an idea of what you are trying to do or become.

Then, Daniel Cormier justified his choice to propose Anderson Silva:

“If you want to show the world, if you want to prove that this is a second career for Jake Paul and you want to be legitimate, you have to fight Anderson Silva.

It’s fun because Anderson Silva is an amateur boxer. However, he’s still training, he’s still fit, and he’s had to deal with injuries; obviously, when you’re UFC champion for as long as he’s been and at the top of the organization, you have injuries. Anderson is older than all of us, but Anderson is still fighting, and Anderson Silva can give you a chance to prove yourself. So drop the fight against Bisping.

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It’s clear to Cormier that all the parameters lead to Anderson Silva and not Michael Bisping for a future fight against Jake Paul.

Do you think Jake Paul can change his mind and face Anderson Silva?

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