Jan Blachowicz wants to fight against Vladimir Putin

Jan Blachowicz, who will fight Aleksandar Rakic this weekend, said he wanted to face Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As strange as it may seem, Jan Blachowicz, who faces Alksandar Rakic in the main event of UFC Fight Night on May 14, has said he wants to face Vladimir Putin.

The Polish seems particularly upset vis-à-vis the Russian president and wants to fight him.

Blachowicz recently explained that he was paralyzed on one side of his body before the fight against Rakic that was originally scheduled to take place on March 26. The fight will finally take place this weekend.

On the sidelines of this fight, during an interview, the journalist asked him which person he wanted to face the most, and the latter replied (via LowkickMMA):

“Vladimir Putin. I would show him what the whole world wants to show him, where his place is.

A political message from the Polish who had already declared his support for Ukraine in a previous interview:

“Many people from Ukraine are escaping to Poland. We try to help them. They live in our homes. We help them as best we can. Every day, we wake up, and the first thing we do is check the Internet to see what happened.

Russia is currently carrying out an offensive on Ukraine, and civilians at the heart of this conflict flock to neighboring countries, including Poland. Jan Blachowicz seems very invested in this conflict and especially very revived.

This inner swagger will, perhaps, give him an extra soul in his fight against Rakic at UFC Fight Night this weekend.

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