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Following the elimination of the Philadelphia 76ers in last season’s playoffs, Ben Simmons saw a huge wave of criticism fall on him. Nevertheless, Joel Embiid thinks he didn’t say anything bad about his teammate at the time.

Since the end of last season’s playoffs, Ben Simmons’ situation had become critical among the Philadelphia 76ers. Refusing to wear the franchise jersey again following the wave of criticism that fell on him, the Australian playmaker has pretended mental health problems not to return to the floors. 

Fans of the franchise weren’t very kind to the 25-year-old before he left for the Brooklyn NetsJoel Embiid had also gone with his little word following the elimination against the Atlanta Hawks

But the Philadelphia 76ers pivot doesn’t think he said anything bad about his now-former teammate.

“I didn’t feel like I was hurting anyone.”

I don’t think I said anything against Ben. But when you speak, the media, you know it yourself, are always trying to find the little trick. To be well seen or provoke controversy. If you look at the whole press conference, they asked me a question. What happened? How to explain this defeat? And then I mentioned a bunch of events that happened. I talked about the moment the match turned, and I was honest. I say what I think. I’m not going to hold back just because I have to make people feel better. And I didn’t feel like I was hurting anyone,” 

Joel Embiid told Draymond Green’s podcast, as reported by Basket Session.

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