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Anthony Joshua vs Alexander Usyk is one of most the highly anticipated fights in the whole boxing world. Since their first time meeting last September, fans have been waiting for both players to return. There were so many blockages to making the rematch possible.

Both Joshua and Usyk were having trouble setting a date for their second match. Finally, Joshua vs Usyk match has seen a new way; they set a new date for their rematch, which will probably take place on July 23.

Joshua vs Usyk’s first fight took place about 8 months ago at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. That was one of the best fights of last year. Joshua trained himself hardly before facing Usyk. But defeating isn’t an easy thing to do. Usyk is an unbeaten championship. He hasn’t lost a fight since turning into a pro.

Joshua fought with all his power to defend his title against Usyk. But he failed to protect them. All the rounds were great and full of excitement. And, in the final outcome, Usyk came out as the winner. Usyk won the match by unanimous decision.

Right after the loss, Joshua made a new contact with Usyk for a rematch. Joshua is determined to take his revenge. He is preparing himself to take back all titles from Usyk.

Nobody knew when will the fight, Joshua vs Usyk take place. But fans knew that it would take time.

At the beginning of creating a new contract, they set June 25 as the fight night. But they later moved away from that and took one month more to get ready for the rematch. Now, both boxers and promoters put their pencil on the paper for July 23.

If the rematch of Joshua vs Usyk happens in July, then the gap from their previous fight will be around 10 months. The rematch could happen a few months earlier, but Joshua wasn’t confident enough to face Usyk soon. The loss against Usyk surely had a huge impact on Joshua’s mind. Joshua mentally breaks down after the fight end.

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Right after his defeat against Usyk, Joshua started to look for a new trainer. A new trainer surely brings fresh enthusiasm to every fighter. Joshua is doing well under his new trainer, but not all his fans liked the idea of removing McCracken.

Who will win the Joshua vs Usyk rematch fight?

It’s been reported that Joshua vs Usyk rematch will probably take place in Saudi Arabia. This is a lucky place for the British boxers. He once reclaimed his title in 2019 after defeating Andy Ruiz Jr by unanimous decision. If lucks and the results of the struggle favored Joshua, he would once again rewrite the history.

Who will win the fight of Joshua vs Usyk 2 is hard to tell right now. Joshua has trained himself for Usyk for the last past 8 months. On the other hand, Usyk had to join Ukraine militarily to defend his country after the Russian invasion. He recently got the permit to leave the country to take preparation for his rematch with Joshua.

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