Justin Langer resigns
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For a long Australian cricket team is having some inner problem. And also there is a drama going on centering Justin Langer for a very long time. At first, Langer didn’t respond to this much and was waiting to see the final outcome of it. If the board would keep their word then Langer could have a long coaching career in AU. But he got tired of all this dramatic pep talk and put an end to all this. He had a few more months on his contract list, could bring another victory to AU against Pakistan. But a few hours later of the board meeting Langer resigns from his head coach position.

Langer management company DSEG confirmed the Langer decision of leaving the AU team after passing 18 hours of the meeting. The board sits on a meeting with their head coach on Friday. They wanted to hold the head coach and wanted to make a new deal with Langer. But Langer wasn’t completely satisfied with their offer. And right now if we look at Australia’s men’s cricket team performance then everyone knows Langer demands are right in every perspective.

Before his joining as the head coach of AU men’s cricket, all players were having a rough time. And their performance was poor than usual. No one is saying that Langer manage to make the team strongest overnight cause sure it did take a lot of time and effort.

When Langer first took over the responsibility of the head coach, he faced a huge loss against Bangladesh. That was definitely a great shame for them to lose that way and one of the biggest victories for the BD team. Back then everyone judged the quality of Langer and raise questions. Well, Langer didn’t listen to them and proved his worth. Although, in that series, Australia send their second team for the Tigers boys.

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Last year Langer made dreams come true for all the Australian cricket fans after a long time. Under his supervision, Australia won the T-20 world cup and defeat one of the biggest enemies, New Zealand. And also, recently Langer beat their biggest enemy England in the most prestigious test series, the Ashes Series. England lost that match by 4-0.

Why Justin Langer Resign from Head Coach and What’s His Next Destination?

After his successful journey, Langer was hoping to sign a permanent contract with the CA board. On Friday’s the board had a seven hours-long meeting with Langer. And CA offered an extension deal to Langer. But it wasn’t enough and they were unable to reach any conclusions.

And later that DSEG stated on social media, “DSEG confirms that our client Justin Langer has this morning tendered his resignation as coach of the Australian men’s cricket team.”

“The resignation follows a meeting with Cricket Australia last evening. The resignation is effective immediately.”

Where will Langer go after that can’t tell for sure but one thing is certain everyone will now try to hire Langer. And Australia will send their against Sri Lanka appointing Andrew McDonald as the head coach.

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