Kamaru Usman and Conor McGregor
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For Chael Sonnen, Kamaru Usman responded perfectly to Conor McGregor’s provocations.

A rivalry arose between Kamaru Usman and Conor McGregor after the Irishman’s request to fight against “The Nigerian Nightmare.”

Since that day, the two men have been abused by words interposed in the media. First, Usman did not take Conor McGregor’s request seriously, deeming it unsuitable.

But afterward, the latter manager did not close the door to a possible confrontation against “The Notorious” even if his protege said that he no longer had any credibility within the organization.

All these statements have been going on for a little month, and at the beginning of the week, a rumor launched by Chael Sonnen suggested that Leon Edwards, the future opponent of Usman, would have been bribed by the UFC to make way for Conor McGregor.

Crazy news which could reshuffle the cards for the next fight of Kamaru Usman.

Still, Chael Sonnen highlighted the very good behavior of the Nigerian in the face of all this hype (via Youtube):

“Everyone falls into the trap, except Kamaru Usman. Everyone in MMA got caught up in the game of the attention that Conor McGregor showed to compete against them, and I mean in all areas.

And you have to do it, right? What else could you do? Refuse the greatest opportunity of your life?

“Usman says no, but he has to say no. He is doing everything right here.

First, I don’t think Usman thinks this fight will happen.

Second, if Usman is called to participate in this fight, this fight will take place. Usman doesn’t care, but he can’t show that he will take the hook.

Conor McGregor’s destabilization strategy doesn’t work on Usman, who will be ready no matter who his opponent is, and Chael Sonnen goes on to explain:

“When I tell you that Kamaru Usman is the first person not to fall into the trap, it’s very important. I like the way Kamaru plays the game. He says, ‘No, he’s irrelevant, he doesn’t matter, don’t ask me to talk about Conor McGregor.’ He says all the right things.

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Chael Sonnen is impressed by the media management of Usman, who responds, according to him, perfectly to this game engaged by the Irishman.

What do you think of Kamaru Usman’s behavior in the face of these attempts at destabilization?

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