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Brooklyn complicates life: the Nets find themselves in 10th place in the East, synonymous with complicated playoffs away, after their defeat in Atlanta (122-115), Saturday in the NBA, where Miami consolidated its conference leadership by beating Chicago.

Kevin Durant did it all, but his 55 points, including eight baskets behind the arc out of ten attempted (personal bests broken), didn’t change that.

Kevin Durant's Best Option is B...
Kevin Durant's Best Option is Brooklyn

Because apart from Kyrie Irving, in tune (31 points), the rest of the team did not follow, and once again, the defense sinned for the New Yorkers, punished by Trae Young (36 points, 10 assists).

And here are the Hawks climbing two ranks to 8th place and Brooklyn slipping two ranks lower. The Nets have four games left to reverse the positions.

Otherwise, they will have to play away from home in two playoff games to hope to reach the playoffs in the last position.

Miami recovers

This scenario, if it materialized, would make them meet in the 1st round in Miami, which consolidated its first place by winning strong at the Bulls (127-109).

The storm of last week with four defeats of rank and, as a bonus, a clash between the coach Erik Spoelstra and the star Jimmy Butler is well forgotten.

He may have done some good because the Florida collective is again united and solid since six players finished between 13 and 22 points. Opposite, the duo Zach LaViine (33 points) and DeMar DeRozan (26 points) was efficient in vain.

Finally, in the West, Golden State (3rd), led by 13 points at the break, toppled Utah (111-107), thanks to a fiery money-time during which the Warriors scored six consecutive winning baskets, inflicting a fatal 18-0 on the Jazz (5th).

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Klay Thompson scored eight alone in the entire game to finish with 36 points, well supported by Jordan Poole (31 points). Opposite, Rudy Gobert dominated inside (14 points, 19 rebounds), to no avail.

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