Khabib Nurmagomedov and Jake Paul
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Everyone knows the long talk and speech of Jake Paul. The YouTuber is always challenging someone. And Paul is a high hoped confident person, he thinks he can defeat everyone. For sure the boy made a bit of popularity in boxing. But fighting in MMA is totally different and when you are standing against Khabib Nurmagomedov then you need God in your side. Cause Nurmagomedov was one of the most dangerous fighters in MMA and everyone knows the record of his bout.

Paul offered Khabib to fight in his debut match. If Nurmagomedov accepts the fight, then Paul will join the Eagle FC promotion.

Everyone was waiting for what Khabib had to say about that. He is in his retirement since 2020 March. Khabib promised his mother that he won’t step into the octagon without the presence of his father. His mother made him promise that after the death of Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov.

Khabib went to retirement with a record of 29 wins and 0 losses. Lots of people thought that Khabib will come for a 30-0 match. When Dana White was asked about the return of Nurmagomedov, he said- Nurmagomedov is in retirement for good and his return is still unsure.

Anyway, Khabib didn’t agree to fight Paul and there is no chance that he will come back to fight Paul. Khabib says about fighting Paul that he can knock out Paul in a couple of minutes, the match will over very shortly. Khabib also says Paul is a bit late to face him, he has now no intention to fight again.

Although Khabib mock and laughed at the offer of fighting Paul, he also said that Paul is a pretty good boxer and Paul knows how to give opponents perfect punch. But Paul yet has so many things to learn about MMA fighting.

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s offer to Jake Paul:

After leaving the fighting stage behind Nurmagomedov came into the promoting business and his dream to produce the world’s best fighters. In 2020 November, Khabib bought the Eagle FC and coach of this promoting company. He signed many magnificent fighters in his team including- Rashad Evans, Kevin Lee, and Diego Sanchez. Khabib also offered to Paul to join Eagle FC. He promised to help Paul to learn and achieve more techniques in MMA fights.

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Well, then Paul said he would take a risk to fight in MMA and will join Eagle FC. But, he wants Khabib as his first opponent also Eagle FC had to offer him at least a $25 million dollars deal.

In response to Paul’s answer, Khabib says it’s s a lot of money and he won’t fight Paul. But if Paul still wanted to join Eagle FC then the door is always open and he will help Paul to become the best fighter.

On the other hand, Paul is now not much serious about starting a new MMA career. He wants to achieve a much higher position and wants to be a champion in boxing. And then he will come to the MMA world.

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