KSI vs Fournier Purse: Payout and Salaries

Internet sensation KSI is ready to take on the popular professional boxer Joe Fournier in Misfit Boxing’s next event this Saturday. Dubbed “MF & DAZN X Series 7: KSI vs Joe Fournier,” the professional boxing event will take place Saturday afternoon in London.

The upcoming event will feature a total of 10 professional bouts – 6 under the main card and the rest of four as preliminary cards.

For the title event, the popular YouTuber JJ Olatunji aka KSI will face professional boxer and businessman Joe Fournier.

Meanwhile, KSI’s brother Oladeji Olatunji aka Deji will face the British rapper turned-boxer Brandon Scott aka Swarmz.

The main card fights will be a strictly DAZN-exclusive PPV stream. Which for current DAZN customers will cost around $64.99. Preliminary fights, on the other hand, will be available on YouTube to watch for free.

Keep reading to learn more about the KSI vs Fournier purse, payout, and prize distribution information.

KSI vs Fournier 288: Purse and Payout

There hasn’t been any official announcement over the total purse size of Saturday’s “MF & DAZN X Series 7: KSI vs Joe Fournier” event. However, the main card fight KSI vs Fournier purse is reportedly $1.5 million.

More details on the purse distribution of this main card bout are given below –

Further in-depth details on the purse distribution of this main card bout are listed below –

KSI’s Net Worth

KSI’s net worth is $27 million in 2023. The majority of his earning came through KSI’s highly successful YouTube and professional boxing career.

How much will KSI earn?

Olajide JJ Olatunji, better known as KSI is a popular internet personality.

The YouTuber and rapper joined professional boxing in 2019. His first-ever match against Logan Paul resulted in a win via split decision.

In 2022, KSI fought in an exhibition match against Luis Alcaraz Pineda. Winning the fight, he earned the then-vacant MF cruiserweight title.

This January, the British boxer defended his title successfully against FaZe Temperrr. KSI earned a $1 million purse from the event.

KSI will earn the major portion of his next fight’s purse pool. Which is a $1 million check.

There will be additional income through PPV shares and other bonuses too.

As such, his total income is expected well over $1 million from this Saturday event.

Joe Fournier’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Joe Fournier has a net worth of over $130 million. Fournier’s large sum of income is mostly from his successful entrepreneurship and fitness business career.

How much will Joe Fournier earn?

Joe Fournier is a popular businessman, fitness specialist, and professional boxer.

The English boxer has a career record of 9 wins and 1 NC. Fournier last fought against the reggae performer turned-boxer Reykon in 2021.

The English boxer, Fournier will get the shorter end of the stick from the $1.5 million purse.

As he is planned to receive $500,000 from the purse pool. Which is only $100,000 above KSI’s previous opponent Temperrr earned.

However, the purse is expected to increase considering other bonuses and PPV sale shares.

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