LeBron James Space Jam
Photo: Space Jam

The NBA superstar LeBron James has been awarded at the Razzie Awards, the anti-Oscars, for the sequel to “Space Jam.”

LeBron James on every pitch. At a time when he is stacking records on the NBA floors, “LBJ” is also in the spotlight on the big screen.

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But not necessarily the way he hoped after having the torch of Michael Jordan to shoot the sequel to the movie “Space Jam.”

The Lakers back were probably hoping for another victory, but not at the Razzie Awards, those anti-Oscars who mock Hollywood awards by pinning the worst films of the year.

The NBA giant got the Razzie for “worst actor” for his poor performance in this film that mixes live-action scenes and characters from Warner Bros. cartoons, such as Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck.

“115-minute long advertisement”

The “Golden Raspberry Awards,” the Razzies’ official name, was coined in a Los Angeles living room in 1981 by former film students and Hollywood professionals. They are traditionally awarded the day before the Oscars.

“Space Jam: New Era,” mocked by organizers as “a 115-minute long commercial for everything produced by WarnerMedia,” won three Razzies.

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