Liverpool vs Man City Draw
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Last night Etihad stadium was on fire for the excitement of the Man City vs Liverpool match. The current best two clubs in this season. From the beginning of zero minutes to overtime, every second was breathing taking. The City vs Liverpool match was a draw by 2-2 scores.

Man City will never forget the last night’s match against Liverpool. If City loses one clash in the upcoming matches, they will regret it for the whole time. Pep Guardiola probably has never been this frustrated before.

All the players on both sides gave their best shot last night. At the beginning of the match, right after five minutes, Ke De Bruyne scored a goal for City. Well, that doesn’t distract the Liverpool players. 8 minutes later of the first goal, Diogo Jota reimbursed the goal and put the game in the same position for both teams. The next goal came from the Brazilian star Gabriel Jesus’ leg at the 37 minutes, and Liverpool again repaid the goal right at the halftime with the legendary player Sadio Mané’s goal at 46 minutes.

And no team scored any goal for the next 45 minutes—however, City’s regrettably moment took place at the 94 minutes. Ke De Bruyne passes the ball to Riyad Mahrez. Algeria’s captain managed to take the ball to the City’s goal side, and no one was in front of him except the goalkeeper of Liverpool, Alisson Becker. Mahrez made the kick in the final moment, but unfortunately, the ball went away on the side over the goal bar.

This will probably be the biggest unfortunate event in the whole Mahrez career. If he could make the goal, no one would have the gut to stop City from defending their championship trophy.

Which team got befits from the draw?

Liverpool is just one point behind City. Man City is in the first place on the leaderboard with 74 points. A win against Liverpool would have taken City forward by four points. And if Liverpool can defeat City, they would have stayed ahead of City by two points.

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A win against Liverpool would have surely secured the path to the Championship trophy for City. But even after the draw, City got more benefits than Liverpool.

Liverpool and City, both teams are left to play seven matches. Both will play against Wolverhampton, Aston Villa, and New Castle. The other four matches of City’s are against Brighton, Waterford, Leeds, and West Ham. And alongside three common teams, Liverpool will have to face Manchester United, Tottenham, Everton, and Southampton.

City’s matches are very much easy compared to Liverpool’s opponent’s list. Only Wolverhampton and West Ham can be a bit tough for City. And if they make no mistake, then no other team will have the power to stop City. But in the Liverpool case- their risk of losing a match is very high. Everton, Manchester United, Tottenham, and West Ham are the big obstacle for Liverpool.

If any of the Liverpool and City teams don’t lose a single match, then City will still win. All the odds are in favor of City.

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