Man City vs Man United
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Last night football fans get to see their most desired football match. Man United and Man City have long rivalry history. The red team are always well known for their aggressive and attacking method of playing style. And the blue is always best for calm and cool performance.

Last night Man United face a huge defeat against Man City. United tried their best to control the game but City kept the ball in their leg for almost the match. Before half time Red Devil’s performance was good but City slowly destroy all the barriers of United put the ball inside of United’s goal post.

Man City total scored 4 goals against Man United where Red only scored one. Before the first half, the scoreboard was 2-1 but after the half, Blue scored two more goals. The first goal came from Blue jersey.

Kevin De Bruyne made the first goal for City just after the minutes of the match begin. That was the sign that Blue will dominate the whole match. And then at 22 minutes, Jadon Sancho scored a goal for Red Devils. It brought both teams in an equal position. And helped United to turn around.

But the situation didn’t stay the same for long. Six minutes later of the United goal, Bruyne scored once again at 28 minutes. Bruyne dominates the field for the whole match. His assists helped the team to score again.

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After the end of the first half, Riyad Mehraj took his short in United goal at the 68 minutes. The goal came from a corner shot. Mehraj scored again at the end of the match at 90+1 minutes. United was already broken and after that goal, there was no coming back option left for United.

City played the game in their own style. At first, they were facing difficulty to push United. But right after the second half ended, they found their rhythm. They were keeping and passing the ball among their players and taking shots when necessary. United had to struggle a lot just take the ball.

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After the match United boss says, “I knew that before I came. I wouldn’t have needed that game to be aware of that. For now, it is about developing the team, finishing the season as well as we possibly can and all the other things are issues that need to be spoken about and hopefully developed at the end of the season in the next transfer window.”

Ronaldo’s controversial injury news:

Before the match, many people and critics suggest that Man United should land on the field against Man City without Ronaldo and Maguire. Considering their performance in the last few games none of these two players can bring anything good to the team. But keeping Ronaldo out of the game isn’t an easy job cause everyone wants to see him in the Red jersey.

Just before the game, Manchester United declare that Ronaldo isn’t gonna play against City at Etihad stadium. Later the news came out that the United management team forced Ronaldo to stay out of the match. And it has also been said that Ronaldo is very angry for keeping him out of the match.

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