Manchester City beat Real Madrid
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Manchester City defeated Real Madrid at their home game by 4-3. Even after the win, City’s fans are not completely happy cause if Madrid can give this much effort in their away game, how dangerous they will be in their home game.

Last night world saw the most exciting match of this UCL season at the Etihad Stadium, home of Manchester City. Last night’s City clash with Madrid finally brings a worthy opponent for Pep Guardiola. Liverpool’s match against City was thrilling, too, but even after the loss, Madrid proved that if anyone can stop the Blues, then only La Casa Blanca has the ability.

The match finished 4-3 scoreline. Though City is ahead of Real by 4 points, Madrid won’t be much behind them while the two-leg score will be combined.

Before the match, people talked about both team’s injured players and the weak defense side. City central fullback Joao Cancelo and Kyle Walker weren’t on the field against Madrid. Even right-back John Stones is also out of the area for two weeks cause of injury. But only Stones fitness is workable among the three, so City put Stones and Alexander Zinchenko in charge, who are seated on the bench for the time.

Natural conditions weren’t good either. David Alaba, Ferland Mendy, and Casimiro are all injured. Both teams played without being in their best form, but they managed to give the fans a 7-goal thrilling match.

Just in two minutes, City went ahead of Madrid. Kevin De Bruyne just touched his head from Mahrez’s cross-shot. Madrid Alaba and Mendy had nothing to do to stop Mahrez.

City again scored another goal in 12 minutes. Gabriel Jesus was never the real gun of City. He passed most of the time sitting on the bench. Even City told him that he could leave the club if he wanted to. And Jesus was reborn happened with the goal against Madrid.

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Madrid has no way but to come forward with their everything. Cause it’s only twelve minutes, and City has scored two goals. Zinchenko failed to tackle a shot perfectly from Mendy, and Benzema used that opportunity. Benzema scored the first goal for Real at 33 minutes. And the first half ended with three goals on the scoreboard.

In the second half, Foden scored for City at 53 minutes, and just two minutes, Madrid scored again through V. Junior. Then Silva scored at 74 minutes, and Benzema scored the last goal of the match at 82 minutes.

The hope of Real Madrid and Fear of Manchester City:

The city is undoubtedly the best team of this season. Even Liverpool failed to break the reputation of the City. This season, there is no team that Manchester City is afraid of. No matter who is coming, City is beating them to the ground.

But finally, Real Madrid was able to push fear into the heart of the boss Guardiola. Guardiola confessed that he finally got excitement from opponents. Though City won the game by 4, they will still have to face Madrid in the away game. And Madrid will be ready for City with all their power.

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