Everton will Sell Richarlison
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Brazilian midfielder Richarlison is now the center of the attractions of the new transfer season to all clubs. He has a very bright future and has the power to bring success to his team and club. He did a lot for his national team and his club.

Though this season wasn’t much colorful for him he managed to do a good job. He scored four goals in the premier league and got three assists. Well, it may not be enough to come into the limelight but those who know games and can see the future are sure that if the boy gets a chance then he will up like the wind.

Reporters confirm that Manchester United is highly interested in buying Everton’s midfielder Richarlison. The Brazilian may fix the fallen Manu from getting drowning. MANU is looking forward to buying Richarlison cause they want to upgrade their attacking system. The Red Devils aren’t getting anywhere good for the past few matches cause their attacking sector is very much weak.

On the other hand, Richarlison isn’t much happy at his club, Everton. He can’t fully explore himself in Everton. And the club conditions aren’t good either. So, he will surely think about his future somewhere else and Manchester United is a good choice to become the world star.

Richarlison has another option on his hand too. La Liga boss Real Madrid is also attracted to Richarlison. Madrid also wants to include him in their team. If the deal is done then Madrid will be much stronger.

To which team Everton will sell their forward is the big question. But the answer is quite simple if you look closely. If we look at the Manchester United conditions then we can tell for sure that they are in a very critical situation. There is uncertainty around MANU that they will be able to offer Richarlison next year’s championship league or not. Plus, many of their big stars are thinking of leaving the club including Cristiano Ronaldo, Edinson Cavani, Marcus Rashford. So, might not want to go to Manchester United.

On the other hand, Real Madrid is always at its best. They will surely create a huge opportunity for Richarlison in their club. Plus, Richarlison will get some of the best teammates in the world. Also, Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti has a huge connection. He is able to offer something that the Brazilian star can’t refuse.

To whom Everton will Sell Richarlison?

As we know both team conditions, Real Madrid and Man United. After considering their condition Richarlison probably won’t want to join the Red Devils. And La Liga’s team is the better option for him. Though Richarlison didn’t make any comment yet on where he wanted to go next.

And if we look at Everton then they most probably don’t want their player to go into their rival team. So, if the talks go on then we may see Richarlison playing for Real Madrid in near future.

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