Manchester United have passed quite a rough time this season. This was probably their worst season of the era. But their revenue increased by almost 30% percent this year’s first three months compared to January to March 2021.

Manchester United’s revenue was 118.3 million euros in the first three months of 2021, from January 1 to March 31. They earned a magnificent amount of revenue this year, 29.2 percent. United earned 152.8 million euros this year as revenue.

This year Red Devils earned from matchday had a significant impact on increasing their revenue. Their additional earnings from matchday were 34.1 million euros in this year’s first-quarter period. Last year, cause of the covid-19 pandemic, math day earnings were only 1.6 million euros.

Besides increasing the revenue of the Red Devils’, their expense also raise. But the percentage isn’t big enough, though. The difference between last year’s operating cost and this year’s cost is only 2 million euros. 12 months ago the operating cost was 21.6 million euros. And the cost raised 2 million euros this year total of 21.8 million euros.

Manchester United is disappointed about the season:

Manchester United chief, chief executive Richard Arnold gave a speech on the pitch announcing the financial results. He talked about his disappointment about the Manchester United finishing sixth in the Premier League in his statement.

Arnold says, “Work is well underway to address this, led by our football director, John Murtough, and our new manager, Erik ten Hag.”

“Resilience and high standards are core values for Manchester United, and we are determined to achieve better results next season and beyond. Faith in youth is another key tenet of the club, and our academy’s continued success gives us confidence in the future.”

After all this, the United management board is happy about its financial recovery after the pandemic situation. Last, every club passed a difficult time of the pandemic situation.

Manu also managed to reduce its debt, besides getting a huge profit. Their last year’s debt was 495.7 million euros, which decreased to 11.8 percent compared to the previous 12 months.

Arnold says, “The enduring strength of our commercial operations, which supports our ability to continue to invest in the club.”

Manchester United is designing new guidelines to improve their situation. Erik Ten Hag’s new coach is fully determined to bring a huge change. All the fans and members of the Red Devils are hoping that Hag will get something extraordinary from the united fallen conditions.

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