Marcus Rashford leaving Manchester United
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Marcus Rashford is one of the prominent raising players in Manchester United. He is with Man United for a long time now. Since his starting professional match with United in 2015, he helped the team a lot.

Rashford is well known for being a team guy too. But recently the news spread out that Rashford is thinking of quite the Old Trafford. Well, the news surprised everyone causes Old Trafford is his home since he is seven. There are a few reasons that came up about why Rashford is considering leaving Red Devils.

Well, it’s been said that Rashford is unhappy with his coach’s decision. Cause Ralf Rangnick is not allowing him in the field for much. Rangnick keeps Rashford on the bench for a longer time than permits him to run in the field. Well, Rashford didn’t take that kinda attitude goodly. Cause he also wants to make difference in the match, he wants that his performance influences his team.

But as he is not getting much chance to stay on the field for long that makes Rashford unhappy. He is concerned about his future in the United. Cause if it goes on like this then without any miracle Rashford won’t get a chance to prove himself.

There is been another talk going on about Rashford wanting to leave Manu. That, Sancho, is getting all the focus and highlights while Rashford career is falling into the darkness day by day. Lots of people believe that Rashford is heavily concerned, as he missing opportunities cause of Sancho.

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But, we all have to agree on that point that Sancho is improving and very soon he will be the first leading player of United. And he knows how to seize moments and how to utilize the opportunity.

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Rashford will soon play his 300th match for United. And yet, he only started 9th matches among 28 premier league matches. He was also sitting on the bench in his last match against City. United lost that match against City by 4-1.

United got their reasons too for keeping Rashford out of the field. He is giving a very poor performance for the past few matches. He scored only two goals in his last 20 matches. So, the timing, performance, and everything are going very unwell for Rashford.

Where will Marcus Rashford go next?

If Rashford doesn’t stay at the United after the end of the season then most probably he will go to PSG. PSG is highly interested to buy Rashford. And Rashford will get a chance to prove himself there.

Ralf Rangnick says about Rashford’s decision, “‘I don’t know where this information has come from but I hope it’s not from Marcus’ camp because I’d be embarrassed if it had because he’s not scoring which is his job and hasn’t been decisive.”

“The club is in a low ebb and you’re looking at your future. You’ve got to be playing well mate before you talk like that, I’m sorry.”

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