Mason Greenwood Suspended
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Mason Greenwood lost his sponsor after getting arrested for the accusation of rape and making threats to kill. Nike close all relations and deal they had with Greenwood. He got a red mark on the contract. Nike says they cancel all the deals with Greenwood for rape and making threat calls to kill.

Greenwood case is a very sensitive and inhuman act. If he is found guilty then he will be out of the football world forever and will lose all the respect he earned. Lots of his fans also supported Nike’s cancellation act.

Greenwood was arrested by the Greater Manchester police force in January. Police said they arrest the star of their country in charge of making threats to kill and rape. It literally shocked everyone causes Greenwood as well for being a clear man. Although occurrences like that are not new in the history of football.

Anyway, Greenwood gets of prison last week on bail.

His club Manchester United suspend him for an unknown time. The event caused so many problems for Greenwood. It’s said that he could be banned from the national team of England too. Though, FIFA doesn’t take any action against Greenwood yet.

When Greenwood was first arrested then Nike was asked will they continue their sponsorship. Nike said then they are overseeing the decision of the upper level and then will decide. Well, nothing came from the upper board. But Nike made their decision and confirms they won’t provide any ad-sponsored to Greenwood. In a statement, Nike says, “Mason is not anymore Nike’s athlete.”

The USA company also said, “We have suspended our relationship with Mason Greenwood. We are deeply concerned by the disturbing allegations and will continue to closely monitor the situation.”

Manchester United’s official page remove all the information and data of Mason Greenwood from their website. He is not anymore on the MANU player list. They also removed all the Greenwood related products. Greenwood is also losing fans’ followers from his social media page. People are unfollowing him everywhere. Cristiano Ronaldo, Pogba, De Gea, and many other teammates of Mason, removed Mason from their social media.

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Mason Greenwood response to the charge against him:

Mason Greenwood is one of the most prominent players in Manchester United. He is with club MANU for a long time. Mason came to the MANU team A from the youth team. He had already played 130 matches at the age of 20. He scored 36 goals for MANU. United made deal with Greenwood in 2021 which will end in 2025. The future of the Mason would be a very successful career if he didn’t involve with such a disturbing event.

Greenwood was arrested on 30 January and now he is out of jail on bail. Police say they will continue their investigation. At that moment everyone is waging to see what Mason will say about that. But the Red Devils player didn’t say anything about the fact and he is keeping himself completely silent.

In a few weeks, police may find the truth since then good luck to Mason.

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