Masters 2022 Tickets and Packages

Golf has again come forward with their biggest tournament of the year. Among the four biggest tournaments the first one is ready to begin soon. The Masters 2022 will soon start their journey. All the top-ranked players are preparing themselves to take part in the most prestigious tournament of the year.

After the Masters 2022, we will see the champion of the year. By the end, someone may earn the first position rather than the Masters champion. But the champion of the tournament will surely dominate the whole season. So the tournament is very important to all the golf stars.

The event is also very much important and exciting for all the golf fans from all around the world. Who will get the first championship trophy of the year is undoubtedly the most important news and event for all. This will affect the betting and TV watch plus all other issues related to fans.

Like me, many fans want to know more about the whole tournament. Here we prepare an article on the Masters 2022 tournament. We will talk about many things here and will provide you with a little guide about the whole event. And in our article, we will mainly focus on the ticket and packages of Masters 2022.

So, let’s start.

On which date to attend in the Masters 2022?

This is one of the major points about the upcoming Masters 2022 tournament. To purchase tickets and packages first, everyone has to learn about the event’s time and schedule. Cause you don’t wanna go on the wrong date and ruin your money just by watching the sunrise and sunset in the golf club.

Some people buy tickets and book hotels for the whole tournament which is the idle thing to do. But many people don’t wanna see all the events. So before buying tickets let’s see and check the schedule and get a complete idea about the whole Masters tournament.

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The tournament will take place at the Augusta National Golf Club located in Augusta, Georgia. The tournament will start on April 7 and will come to end on April 10.

Event schedule:

Saturday – This will be women’s armature tournament day.

Sunday – On Sunday there will be a ride, drive, chip, and putt.

Monday – This will be the beginning of the tournament. Every player will be there on that day. Plus it will be the best day for shopping.

Tuesday – The practice will start on Tuesday. All the players will be here on the ground.

Wednesday – The par-3 tournament will start on Wednesday plus the practice round.

Thursday – Ceremonial first tee shot by a legend of the game. Every shot counts now.

Friday – The last day where everyone will plays, as many will miss the cut.

Saturday – The day is known as “moving day” as the player’s jockey to be in the final pairing.

Sunday – Championship Sunday complete with a Green Jacket ceremony to finish.

Masters 2022 Tickets and Package:

Here we will provide you with all the tickets and package prices. Let’s see-

  • Saturday (Women’s Amateur) – $950
  • Sunday (Drive, Chip, and Putt) – $685
  • Monday (Practice Round) – $1785
  • Tuesday (Practice Round) – $2,085
  • Wednesday (Practice Round + Par 3 Tournament) – $2,985
  • Thursday (Tournament Round) – $4,285
  • Friday (Tournament Round) – $3,385
  • Saturday (Tournament Round) – $3,385
  • Sunday (Tournament Round – Championship Sunday) – $3,385

*price for per person and it includes Masters ticket and hospitality.

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