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Messi played his last match in Argentina at the La Bombonera stadium he is thinking of going retirement after Qatar World Cup.

Lionel Messi in the name that every corner of the world knows. He is the magical boy of football. The magic Argentinian boss created on the field is truly unbelievable. He leads victory to his national team and his club numerous times.

With the ball in his leg, he destroys all the barriers of opponents and put the ball inside of the enemy’s goal post. He has won the heart of all football players even his critics admits that he is the best player of the time. But recently after Messi’s last game against Venezuela, he give hints to go to retirement.

The retirement news of Messi came from out of nowhere. He didn’t give us any previous warning about the retirement decision. The shocking news really broke the heart of many football fans. Cause football without him will feel like an empty place and it will be truly very hard to imagine football without Messi.

Last night his performance against Venezuela was outstanding. Messi’s and Di Maria’s chemistry is always best. The pair can destroy any team they want. Last night after the match against Venezuela, they once again prove that.

From the midfield, he gives a pass to Maria and leaves an opponent’s defender behind. Di Maria somehow knew where Messi will stay in the field. He gives Messi time to enter into the opponent’s goal box. Just when Messi stands in front of Venezuela’s goalkeeper, Di Maria passes the ball to him. And Messi didn’t lose the opportunity to make his goal. He took shorts with his right leg and goal. The goal in 82 minutes made feels nostalgic for everyone. Messi played like this in his whole career. His brilliance performance is incomparable.

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This June Messi will age 35 years old. He is ruling the football world, for now, a long time. The boss of Argentina is now thinking of Retirement. It was probably his last match in his homeland. The moment was very emotional and heart-touching for everyone.

What Messi will Do after the Qatar World Cup?

He had so many controversies about playing for his country. But last year he proved wrong everyone and won the Copa America on Brazilian soil. It was one of the biggest victories of Argentina in a long time. Some people felt Messi is now under pressure about the upcoming Qatar World Cup Final. But he ensures his position and reveals his thoughts.

Messi says, “I don’t know what I will do after the World Cup. I am thinking about what is coming. After Qatar, I will have to reassess many things.”

“I don’t know [about playing on], the truth is I don’t know. I think about what’s coming next, only think about facing Ecuador [on Tuesday]. The preparation matches in June and September.”

“Let’s hope these go the best way possible. But for sure after the World Cup, many things will change.”

Then Messi talked about how grateful he is to his team and teammates. He says, “It has been a while that I am happy here, since before winning the Copa. I am thankful for all this they make me feel every time I come to Argentina.”

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