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Last night world witness the most dramatic boxing fight of all time. There is not a single person who can deny that it wasn’t the best fight of all time. The fight between Michael Conlan and Leigh Wood will be remembered by everyone for a long time.

After a long time, we get to see something like that. The boxing match surely set an example in the history of boxing fights. No other world title fight has created this much energy and excitement before in the ring. All the audience forgot to blink their eyes when the fight was on.

Wood is always been a great fighter. After his debut in professional boxing, he is been the top fighter. He beat everyone who tried to come between his success. On the other hand, Conlan is an Olympic winner and also a gold medal winner at the world championships. The challenge between these was perfect. They were the best choice for each other to know their ability. And none of them disappoints their fans.

Though Conlan lost the game it was great from all perspectives. He gave his best in the fight. And Wood had to give all his ability and strength just to stay standing in front of the Conlan. From the first round to the last round every second was thrilling. And no one has any idea what will happen next. The fight could change at any second.

At the beginning of the match, Wood almost lost the game to Conlan. But luck saved him that time. At that time, Conlan put Wood on the ground with a looping left. And right after the two seconds, the bell rang and the bell saved him.

When Wood got up for the next round then Conlan was playing very roughly. Conlan tried to shut down Wood as fast as possible. He also tried to take the advantage of Wood’s injury. But soon Conlan understands that Wood isn’t an easy job and he can’t finish him off this soon.

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Soon, Wood recovered from his pain and started to fight back. Both boxers hit each other for the next few rounds. Wood was hitting many times then Conlan and Conlan were playing in a safe site. In the 10th round, Conlan slipped by placing his feet in the bubbled water. The water in his sites, each time Conlan went back to each seat, his cornerman through him the water.

Michael Conlan ensure his physical condition is okay and talked about his return:

After the slipped, Michael Conlan almost lost all his strength and power. Though he stands up for the final round he knew that he is fighting the lost fight. And soon after the fight begins, Wood crushed down Conlan.

Conlan had to leave the ring unconsciously, on the stretchers. Though Wood won the game but a dark sad shadow covered his mind and the whole venue. After winning the match Wood was kept asking, “His, he okay?”

Anyway, after taking Conlan to the hospital they said that everything is okay and there is no risk. Now, finally Wood can celebrate his victory. Conlan promise that he will return soon for the rematch with Wood. He says, “I’ll be back. Good shot and congrats to Leigh and his team.”

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