Mike Tyson Advised Deontay Wilder
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Deontay Wilder is passing a rough time in his career. After the loss against Tyson Fury, he is out of boxing for a long time. No one heard much from him since the defeat. The whole thing put a huge effect on his career.

Cause before the fight he was talking out loud about what he is gonna do though not as much as Fury talked. Fury totally made him a trolled after the ending. So everything becomes messy for Wilder. Now, he needs a way to get out of all this and gain his previous pride.

The legendary boxer Mike Tyson advised Wilder a suggestion. This could help him to stand once again from the ashes and to become the flame again.

After all the humiliation and bad talked Wilder was thinking of leaving the boxing world behind. He was thinking to go to retirement cause probably there is no way to get back to his old position. But this is not true, surely he won’t gain all the power back at once but taking the right step at the right time will help to improve his position even far better.

In a recent interview, Mike Tyson says that Wilder should fight Anthony Joshua instead of thinking about retiring. Tyson says, “I’m always entertained when those guys fight. I think that Deontay Wilder should fight some other guys. He’ll do great, I just don’t want him to get discouraged about all this. He should be very glad and be ready to fight somebody else as soon as possible.”

And then the fight against Joshua comes up. Joshua is also on the losing side. So the fight between these two would a great for both of them. This will help them to refill their lost strength. Tyson says, “I would love to see that fight, yes. They’re gonna be winging. There ain’t gonna be many styles, they’re gonna be winging.”

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Well, the fight will happen or not is a big question. Cause Joshua is already scheduled his date to fight Usyk. The rematch will be even harder for Usyk. Not many of his fans believe that he can win this fight this time. So, Wilder will be his perfect opponent right now.

Chances of Deontay Wilder vs Anthony Joshua:

Joshua is Wilder’s old rival. They were about-face each for so many times. Their fight was fixed when Wilder joins in the world champion line in 2016. After that, both players tried to set a date for their fight. Their negotiations almost turned into a fight in 2017 and 2019. But for some reason, it stayed unsuccessful.

And now is the perfect time for Wilder to share the ring with Joshua. Back then they were in the same position and by luck, they are again in the same condition.

While interviewing Tyson it came up that what his next fight will be. There is a chance that he would fight Fury. But there is a question that can put Fury on the ground or not. Mike says, “That would be tough, but there were guys that dropped him that were lighter than me. Who was the gentleman that dropped him? The former cruiserweight champ. He’s not a harder puncher than I am – I’m able to hurt the big guys.”

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