Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal has not been kind to Nate Diaz. He openly criticized him after the latter refused several fights in the UFC.

Jorge Masvidal is expected to face Gilbert Burns in the UFC soon, and he recently gave the green light for the fight to take place. 

Still, on trial against Colby Covington for his alleged assault on “Chaos” at the restaurant’s exit, Masvidal continues to plead not guilty and defend his position in this case.

He recently took the floor to discuss the case of Nate Diaz, who could face Dustin Poirier soon. But Masvidal considers that Nate Diaz has refused too many fights and that he behaves like a “diva” (via MMA Hour):

Usually, I don’t take the side of the UFC for a lot of things, but from what I’ve heard and seen, I tell myself that this guy is just a *** diva, my brother. Just fight.

All these discussions he’s had lately annoy me. I wouldn’t mind breaking his jaw and sending him to any casino where he’s going to fight or any Indian reserve where he’ll be headlining. 

I don’t mind. But he won’t sign when my name is mentioned again. It’s a ghost again for all match organizers for weeks when my name is mentioned.

In a rivalry that has lasted since 2019, Masvidal and Nate Diaz have never fought against each other again in the octagon and continue to settle scores through the media:

“I guess the fact that I kicked him in the mouth changed things. The referee stopped him because he had many cuts on his face. 

I never went to the referee and said, ‘Hey, you should stop this fight. This guy doesn’t look fit.’ Still, he called me a coward, he said all kinds of, and he keeps acting like that.

“He doesn’t have to do that to get revenge. You can just say, “Hey, we’re fighting each other again. It was a good first fight. 

Calling myself a coward or that I was ready to give up doesn’t happen. Have you ever seen me give up a fight? 

Like going back to my seat and saying, “No, this guy is too strong,” especially if I’m leading the judges’ scorecards in the fourth and fifth rounds, with all the damage I’ve inflicted on this guy, I’m suddenly going to give up because the pace was too high. Lies!

“If anyone had to give up, it was him. So he called me a coward, he said I was tired, I was ready to give up, he doesn’t need to do all that. 

But if you want to do it, of course, you can join the list of idiots I know.

Masvidal still seems very upset against Nate Diaz, whom he accuses of lies in the view of possible revenge. 

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The wound seems gaping between the two men who could settle this dispute in the octagon soon at the UFC. Case to follow…

What do you think of Jorge Masvidal’s statements?

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