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Mohamed Salah is the biggest superstar of Liverpool. He is the love of all Liverpool fans. Since his first joining Liverpool, Salah showed amazing performance and helped the club to get back on its feet once again. His mature playing style helped his teammates to do well in the match.

Now, there is no one like Salah in the whole football world. With Salah’s amazing performance and techniques, he leads his team to Liverpool at the top of the ranking table. Liverpool is the best team this season; there is not a single team that isn’t afraid of Liverpool this season.

Liverpool’s biggest celebrity, Salah’s deal, will end next. His contract with Liverpool will finish in 2023. So, that’s his last season will Liverpool. But, hopefully, it won’t be because Salah is about to make a new contract with Liverpool.

Salah is now one of the most footballers of all time. His skills, ability, and quality can be compared with legends like Ronaldo and Messi. The way Salah maintains the ball with his legs is truly outstanding, and it’s a wonder to all.

So, there are a lot of options is open for Salah. He can go to any club he wants. Every single club will be lucky to have Salah on their team. Cause having Salah on the team means you are winning. So, clubs are making offers to include Salah on their teams.

At first, the rumor was going on that Salah will most probably make a contract with other clubs. People were saying that Salah won’t continue his career in Liverpool anymore. Previously, it was reported that Salah disagreed with sitting with Liverpool, and Liverpool’s new offer wasn’t satisfying enough for him.

Though, Liverpool has always said that Salah wants to stay with them. There are indeed some inner problems between Liverpool and Salah. But both are trying to solve their problems and want to stay together for both benefits.

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And recently, the Daily Mirror, Daily Star Sunday, Sunday Express, and many other trustable sources have talked about Salah’s new contract with Liverpool. They claim that Salah will make a new contract with Liverpool for four years. Salah’s new contract will end in 2027. And that time, he will age around 34, which is the ending period of Salah’s career. If Salah agrees with the contract, this will keep him in Liverpool forever.

Except for Liverpool, where may Mohamed Salah go:

Salah has so many options to go. All the big teams offered Salah to come into their club.

If Salah wants to leave Liverpool, he will probably go for Paris-Saint-Germain or Juventus. Barcelona will also try to include Salah on their team, but their condition is so poor that they probably won’t be able to afford Salah.

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