tiger woods in an interview
Tiger Woods Tuesday rejoiced to take part in the British Open golf course on Thursday at the historic St. Andrews course.
They sharply criticized the players who joined the dissident LIV circuit for the money.
QUESTION: After your car accident in February 2021 that almost cost you your right leg. Did you think you could ever come back to St. Andrews to play the British Open?
ANSWER: “Most of the time, during my rehabilitation, I just hoped to be able to walk again. Walk normally and have a normal life, or even play a little golf with my son or friends.
But in the end, I could play a little in the competition this year. And when I realized that I could play at a high level, even though there would never be any question of playing a full season again.
My goal was to come back here to St. Andrews to play this tournament which is the most historical of our sport.
Question: How do you feel physically?
Answer: “My body can get better, but if you’re realistic, not much better. I am badly beaten and, at 46, we are not recovering as well as at 26.
But I am lucky that, in our sport, we can continue to play at 45 years and over, or even beyond 50 years. On links-type courses (sandy courses, open to the wind, with little or no trees, Editor’s note) as in St. Andrews.
It just takes a lot of know-how to play well on these courses. And with fast and firm aisles like they are, it allows older players to roll the ball and have a chance.
But in terms of preparation, when I arrived on Saturday, I didn’t hit a single ball. I only did approaches, rolls, and walks (on the course).
There was no tension. I just tried to find sensations. While staying at the golf hotel, I went out at 9 pm, went on one of the greens, and put. Then, on Sunday, I played 18 holes.
On Monday, I played 9, and today (Tuesday), 9. And that will be it, Wednesday I rest.
Question: What do you think of players tempted to join the LIV dissident circuit?
Answer: “They have turned their backs on what got them to where they are. Some players don’t even have experience on the Tour (PGA).
They went straight from the amateur circuit to this organization without ever having the opportunity to feel what it’s like to play on the circuit or in the big tournaments.
And who knows what will happen to the world ranking points? What are the criteria for playing the Majors?
Some of these players may never be able to play a Major. Never had the chance to play in St. Andrews, and walk the aisles of Augusta.
That, for me, is incomprehensible. They are paid a lot of money to play a few tournaments on 54 holes (in three days instead of 72 holes in four rounds on the classic circuit, Editor’s note).
I can understand that the senior circuit is 54 holes. They are older and less physically strong.
But when you’re young, and some of these players are kids from amateur golf, playing 72 holes is part of the game’s difficulty.
Remember that the Majors had 36-hole playoffs!
So I don’t see how this move (to the LIV) can be positive in the long run for many of these players. Especially if the LIV doesn’t get world ranking points and the Majors don’t change their admission criteria.
It would be sad to see some of these young players never tread these sacred paths.
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