Rafael Nadal
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Rafael Nadal is the best of the best player in the whole tennis industry. He is known as the king of Ronald Garros court. But this might be Nadal’s last season playing at the French Open. He is not sure anymore whether he will be able to return to Paris or not for the next tournament.

Last year Nadal faced a foot injury which caused him a lot of problems. He was absent from games almost the whole season. Nadal took a rest for the last six months of 2021. And he returned again to court in January with Australia Open. His returning amazing, he won the AU tour and kept his winning streak till Indian Wells’s final against Taylor Fritz.

Nadal is currently competing at the French Open. He is considered the best player ever to play in French Open. Nadal’s journey started in the Ronald Garros in 2005. He played more than 100 plus games in the French Open. He beat so many world-class top-ranked players in Paris. The most amazing thing about his career in French Open is that Nadal only lost three games in Ronal Garros while he won 110 matches.

Nadal’s last match in French Open was against his biggest rival Novak Djokovic. Nadal managed to defeat the world’s number one in a thrilling four rounds. It seems like, this year Nadal is gonna claim all the defending trophies of Djokovic. Nadal won the AU Open where defending champion Djokovic was able to participate cause of the Covid-19 restrictions and now, Nadal is on his way to the win French Open again for the 14th time.

Nadal’s health condition is not so good. He withdraws himself in March for a rib injury. He went rest for a month and a half. Nadal took a rest that time, heal his body that time to compete in the French Open.

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Now, Nadal is almost okay with the rib problem but the old foot injury is causing him pain, once again. The situation is like that any match could be Nadal’s last match.

Nadal says, “I’m very clear on the fact that I don’t know what can happen (and it can be (his) last Roland). You know what I have with my foot and if we don’t find solutions, it will be difficult. For the moment we haven’t so I give myself a chance.”

He also added, “Of course, I’m going to keep fighting to find a solution(against injury) for that, but for the moment we haven’t. So just to give me a chance to play another semi-final here in Roland Garros (provides) a lot of energy for me.”

Nadal staying under the observation of doctors:

Nadal is taking him everywhere he is going. He was in huge trouble while playing at the Rome. While playing against Carlos Alcaraz in the quarter-final in Rome, Nadal’s pain returned. And that’s why he decided to bring his doc to Paris so that he can get help in times of need.

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