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Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic both are giving amazing performances at the French Open. They reach the fourth round by a deafening top-ranked player. Djokovic is now set to play against the defending champion Diego Schwartzman. On the other hand, Nadal will play against Canadian star Felix Auger Aliassime.

If Nadal and Djokovic managed to defeat their opponents in the fourth round then the world will see, tennis’s biggest clash of Nadal vs Djokovic.

Nadal has come to the French Open 2022 after his round 16 loss against Denis Shapovalov in the Italian Open. Shapovalov also appeared in the French Open but had to home after losing the game to Holger Rune in the round of 24.

On the other hand, Novak has joined Roland Garro’s court after winning his last game at the Italian Open. There Novak was set to play against StefanosTsitsipas. Tsitsipas has also reached to French Open round four where he will have to compete against Holger Rune.

Novak is now going to share court against Schwartzman. Schwartzman the Argentinian tennis star is one of the most favourite stars in the French Open. He will fight hard to defeat Djokovic. And Nadal is preparing himself to step into the field against the young risen star, Aliassime.

Aliassime is the ninth seed in the tournament.  He is trained by Nadal’s uncle Toni Nadal. Toni used to train Rafael for a long time. Nadal was under Toni’s observation for a long time. He played with Toni’s suggestion for a long 27 years. Toni has a huge contribution to creating the Nadal we see today. He helped a lot build-up Nadal’s skills and techniques.

Nadal closed his coaching relationship with Toni in 2017. After four years, Toni started to work with Aliassime. Toni knows almost everything about Nadal. So, now if anyone can take down Nadal then he is only Aliassime.

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Nadal says about the match, “He’s my uncle. I don’t think he will be able to want me to lose, without a doubt, but he’s a professional and he’s with another player. I don’t know what’s gonna happen, if he’s gonna stay in the box or not, but I don’t care. I have zero problem with that. So it’s not a story at all for me. I know what’s the feelings that we have between each other.”

Carlos Alcaraz follows the footsteps of Djokovic:

Djokovic’s chances to win the match against Schwartzman are very high. He has previously played against Schwartzman six times and Novak won all the matches.

In this tournament, Carlos Alcaraz’s name is all over the place. He is the most famous and strong young player in the French Open. He is only 19 and reached the French Open round fourth. No one has done that in the past 16 years ago. 16 years ago, Novak Djokovic made this record and now Alcaraz is following his footsteps.

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