Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz has been out of octagon for a long time. And seems like he is finally going to make his return to the octagon late this month. Diaz posted on his social media about his returning plus MMA analyst ChaelSonnen also hinted about the fighter getting a bout in the upcoming UFC night.

Nate Diaz last fought in June 2021. His fight was against Leon Edwards and Diaz, unfortunately, lost the battle by decision loss. Since then he hasn’t been in any fight. And suddenly he shared a post on his Twitter that seems like Diaz is finally going to make his appearance in UFC once again.

Diaz posted on social media, “July 30, would be a nice to departure date.” The day UFC 277 will take place and pay per-view event named the headline under a women’s bantamweight title rematch between Amanda Nunes and Julianna Pena. but the main card is already finalised meaning Diaz will unlikely compete at the event.

Diaz is left with only one fight on his contract with the UFC. After this, he will be free from the promotion. Diaz’s plan is also to leave UFC after completing the final bout.

When Nate lost Edwards last year UFC reportedly want to him sign for one more bout before giving him the last bout. But Diaz didn’t take the offer in count and rejected it every time. Since then so many rumoured reveal about the next fight of Diaz.

It was first revealed that Dustin Poirier or Michael Chandler could be the next possible fighter for Diaz. But nothing happened in the last seven months. Plus Jake Paul also offered Diaz in a fight but didn’t come to fruition either. It was said that UFC sent so many requests to Diaz by his manager to accept the fight with Nate Diaz has accepted the fight with KhamzatChimaev.

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Sonnen also claimed that Diaz finally got a fight. He doesn’t know the opponents yet but the analyst is sure about it. And we are sure that whoever the fighter is, he must be someone very high profile cause UFC is holding off Diaz for a year, now suddenly what makes them fix a fight for Diaz within 21 days?

Who is the possible fighter for the Nate Diaz final bout?

Many names came up for the Diaz fight. However, it seems like he finally agrees to fight KhamzatChimaev. He got a fight for sure but the opponent’s name is not revealed yet.

Sonnen said, “There was a rumour that popped up that it was going to be Chimaev vs Diaz. I got a little inside scoop for you guys, which is Diaz has accepted a fight. Diaz has a fight coming up.”

He also added, “I gotta stop right there. I don’t know who the opponent is and I’m not holding that from you and we know Chimaev and Nate have been associated together for a period of time now. I’m not announcing for you guys that it’s Diaz vs. Chimaev. I’m sharing some insight, Diaz has a fight. That I’m sharing with you guys. Is it Chimaev?”

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