Navarino Challenge 2021
Photo: The National Herald

Navarino Challenge is a kind of the top sports tourism fest. It stimulates and supports activities that represent the history and cultural heritage of Greece and more particularly the absolute value of the Greek language. This time Navarino Challenge 2021 is coming with a message which is ” Sports Unites People”. Certainly, this message is unique and if it spread properly then it will bring unity and non-communal thoughts among all participants and viewers.

This event is containing 15 Olympic sports and more than 30 sports activities. It is containing both indoor and outdoor activities. Children, middle-aged people, and also those who are young can participate in this event. In short, People of all ages and from any background are cordially greeted at this event. Though, all participants have to go through the strict health protocols which are approved by the Health Scientific Committee of the General Secretariat of Sports.

Navarino Challenge 2021 is following the standards of the Olympic movement. It is stimulating the advantages of exercise through sports and other activities. This occasion is also allotting towards the advancement of a peaceful and promising world without any discrimination.

Here we will talk about Navarino Challenge 2021 date, location, route, live stream, and TV info.

When and Where is Navarino Challenge 2021?

This event is commemorating sports tourism for the 9th time this year. It will start on 15th October, approximately from noon with the long jump, and will be announced its demise on 17th October 2021. It is going to be held at Costa Navarino and Pylos, Messinia, Greece.

People who want to participate in this biggest tourism fest can register themselves on the Navarino challenge’s official website. Though participants were preparing themselves for this exhibition from long ago.

How to Watch Navarino Challenge 2021 Live Stream?

Navarino Challenge live stream is available via local sports channels and also can get updates about this event from YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. People from all over the world can enjoy this biggest tourism event from home without any hassle. And those who want to enjoy this event live or if they and their family members want to participate in this event can book a hotel room near Costa Navarino.

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More about this event:

Navarino Challenge 2021 is going to be carried by the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, the International Olympic Academy and the Greek National Tourism Organization, and the General Secretariat of Sport of the Ministry of Culture & Sport.

As the event is sponsored by Samsung, it is providing some distinctive gifts. Among all participants who will finish 5km of the running route will get the Galaxy Fit2 Tracker Watch from Samsung. There is another special thing about this event is children’s 1km route will be held in two groups. And this race is going to be held for free. Hence, this event supports a healthy lifestyle and also helps to prevent childhood obesity.


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