NBA Star Ja Morant

NBA Star Ja Morant, the talented NBA point guard. He has recently raised eyebrows with a series of enigmatic posts on social media. In March, Morant faced an eight-game suspension after displaying a gun on Instagram Live. Just last week, he was briefly seen holding a gun again on a friend’s Instagram Live stream.

Amidst ongoing discussions about his future and potential further sanctions, Morant’s latest now-deleted Instagram story left fans worried. The posts served as tributes to his mother, father, and daughter. This was with messages expressing love and gratitude. The final post, which simply read “Bye.” This sparked concerns about his well-being and potential departure from social media or the NBA while awaiting league punishment.

Following the posts’ removal, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office reportedly conducted a welfare check at Morant’s home in Memphis. Fortunately, the NBA star clarified that his intention was to take a break from social media, alleviating fears of a more serious situation.

The upcoming suspension for NBA Star Ja Morant has not been officially announced by the NBA, but Commissioner Adam Silver expressed shock and implied potential severe consequences for the repeated gun-related incidents.

While counselling has been suggested, refraining from showcasing such behaviour on social media may prove more beneficial for Morant in avoiding future controversies.

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