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Lionel Messi is undoubtedly the biggest name in football. People always look forward to seeing him in the field. His ability to create magic on the field with the ball is unbelievable. But recently, Messi has been facing huge criticism for his current performance in the world’s wealthiest club, PSG.

People even said that Messi’s days are over. He has left his ability to play like the tiger in the Barca. In this critical situation, Messi’s one of their closest friends, Neymar, comes forward to answer for him. Recently in an interview, Neymar talked about how PSG players don’t know how to use Messi and how PSG players don’t understand Messi.

For the past few days, Mbappe has been all over the news. His transfer possibility to Real Madrid was the biggest talk of the football. Everyone was discussing Mbappe’s future in Madrid and PSG. Most people believe that Mbappe would have had a great career line if he had gone to Madrid. Staying in the PSG creates a different type of opportunity for him. It’s time to see how he uses that chance. PSG’s this new deal with Mbappe indeed benefits them a lot.

Anyway, Mbappe’s staying and leaving PSG rumors were the main focus of the football for the last few months. That’s why Messi was out of the center point of talking unless people’s main interest in PSG is always Messi.

Nowadays, all of Messi’s fans regret that Messi can’t play at the PSG how used to play at the Barcelona. He used to score many goals in every match on the field of Barca, but he is currently unable to do that on the Paris field.

Since Messi joined the France club last year at the end of the season, people have been significantly criticized for his performance. Messi finished this season with 11 goals and 14 assists, even under huge criticism.

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If some other people did that, then they don’t have the lack of listening about how great they played this season. But when the player is Messi, people’s expectations are high. That’s why the score’s pointing seems so little besides his name compared to his performance at Barca.

Neymar says, “He has been in Barcelona for many years, and adaptation is not easy. It is difficult to change team and city. Otherwise, he does not come alone. He is with his family.”

“There is also how the team is played by players who do not understand how they play. So all that hurts. Leo, Kylian, and I are players who are always judged by their performance, numbers, titles, and winning everything.”

Neymar’s rumors about leaving PSG:

Like Messi, Neymar’s performance at the PSG is also low. It’s been said that PSG’s biggest failure investment is Neymar. Neymar ultimately failed to fill the expectation of PSG.

In this season, the rumor was that PSG could fire Neymar anytime. But Neymar declined that rumor and said, “No one has said anything to me, and I want to stay at PSG.”

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