Neymar in Copa America
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Brazil beat Chile in the quarter-finals to advance to the semifinals of the current Copa America. Peru, on the other hand, beat Paraguay. This time, Brazil and Peru face each other in the last four to get a ticket for the title fight. In the end, Brazil defeated Peru and took place in the final.

Throughout the tournament, Brazil was exposed to Neymar’s magic. Pakueta scored the only goal of the match from Neymar’s pass in the 35th minute. They did not deviate from the semi-final against Peru. In another ‘Neymar’s show’, Brazil beat Peru in 1-0 goal and reach in Copa America final. In the second half, Peru could not score even after attacking more than once.

Peru’s coach Gareka made some changes in the second half after falling behind just before the break. In the second half, Peru attacked the Brazilian defense one after the other. The Peruvians, however, could not score a goal, despite Brazil’s relentless defense with a stimulating football gift in the second half.

Argentina will play Colombia in the second semifinal tomorrow morning. In the Copa America final, the dream of the much-awaited Brazil vs Argentina duo is to come true with only one match left.

In order for Brazil to win another Copa America title at home, Colombia should be the most desired opponent in the final than Argentina. But where is the fun if they can’t beat the Argentina team and win the title? And so Brazil wants Argentina in the final to multiply the joy of the title.

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Neymar wants at least that. That is why he will support Argentina in the second semi-final against Colombia in the semi-final. That is what he told the media after winning against Peru today.

Neymar also gave another piece of information at the same time. That, of course, will push the supporters, who are constantly at loggerheads with Brazil and Argentina, at least a little bit. The PSG star was once a teammate of Lionel Messi in Barcelona, ​​so perhaps the ‘Argentine influence’ on him is much greater. So at the end of the match against Peru, Neymar frankly said the real thing, ‘Look, I’m a fan of Argentina. I will support them against Colombia in the semi-final. I want Argentina as my opponent in the Copa final. The reason must not be stated. I have some good friends on the Argentine team.’

If there is a final with Argentina, it will be the Messi vs Neymar duo. The fight to bring water in the tongue of football fans is now very real. No matter what Neymar says, he is an Argentine supporter, he wants Argentina in the final, from the conviction of winning the final but he is not moving a hair, “I will be happy if Argentina wins the final, but Brazil will win that match, whatever the opponent!”

Neymar is very happy with his teammates before the Maracana final. Neymar was the biggest contributor to Brazil’s goal, although he did not score his own goal. Lucas Pakueta was given a great pass by bypassing multiple defenders of the opponent inside the D-box.

Paqueta easily wrapped the ball in the empty net. Lucas Paqueta scored a goal against Peru today. According to Neymar, Paketa is a match-winner, ‘Paketa is a great player. He is constantly surpassing himself. He has just had a great season in France. Paqueta has proved that he is a very important player in the Brazilian jersey.


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