Mahmudullah’s wicket was gone in the first ball but it was declared no-ball. Then again he lost his wicket by LBW but Nicholas Pooran didn’t take the review. Mahmudullah got to save his life two consecutive times.

This has been the main topic of discussion after the West Indies vs Bangladesh first-day match of three round one-day series. The faults of Pooran are a hot topic inside the West Indies dressing room. All his teammates are blaming him for not taking reviews of Mahmudullah’s LBW. If Mahmudullah fell off from the pitch then the results of the match would be different for sure. Cause Bangladesh was in a very weak position at that time and they were losing their batsman very rapidly.

This amateur action Pooran put him in a very bad position. Everyone is very much angry with the captain of the West Indies. He failed to out Mahmudullah when Mahmudullah’s sole score was 20 or 22. And in the end, Mahmudullah stayed unbeaten with 41 runs. And Bangladesh claims their first victory against West Indies in the three-round one-day series. This score of Mahmudullah was the highest score of the game. Team BD won very easily and put them forward by 1-0 points over WI.

After the match in the post-match conference, the reporter brings up the no-ball issue. Pooran said about it, “Obviously, it wasn’t expected. I know the boys will kill me for this. The whole thing is very sad.”

He also added that, “Probably Mahmudullah got a good luck. I was astonished.  Because the ball bent a lot.  Shei (Shei Hope) was saying that the ball bent too much. I agreed with that. Others were saying to take review because they thought it was for sure an out. I was surprised listening to them. Now everybody hates me. Coach, Cricketers, everyone. I should have taken the review. We already had two reviews. Who knows the game could have changed if we had taken the review.  They needed 35-40 run then.”

But that’s not the reason West Indies lost the game. If they could score a few more runs while batting first, the results could have been different. Nicholas Pooran the skipper of West Indies says that the runs were not enough on the board, but it was not easy to score runs. Adds that the last wicket partnership gave them a chance, and put a defendable total on the board. Mentions that they should have played well in the Powerplay.

Tamim said not to judge Mahmudullah by statistics:

Bangladesh won the first day game against West Indies on going one-series. In that match, Mahmudullah’s contribution was highly notable.

Tamim said after the match, “As far as Riyad (Mahmudullah) bhai is batting concerned where bats and if you take away today’s innings than his there are lot of time those 25 ,30, or 20 runs that he scores become very important. Whenever there is one or two failures and we goes to statistics then we see it is 25 runs 28 runs or 30 runs but there are time when those 25 or 28 runs are very valuable.”


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