Novak Djokovic Will Miss Wimbledon and French Open in 2022
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After departing from Australia Open and returning home without having the chance of defending his trophy, everyone thought Novak Djokovic will probably take the vaccine. He will move away from his not giving vaccination promise cause without vaccine he is having trouble entering any country.

At the same, his fans and critics also look at him to see how the Serb will take this. Cause Djokovic is undoubtedly a very stubborn person. He does everything the way he wants. The number one never likes to accept the command of others.

Novak is very much famous for his arrogance and anger too. Unlike the two others Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, Djokovic doesn’t play by the rule. He has his way to do everything. For this kinda behavior sometimes the Serb has to face huge criticism but he doesn’t care about the talks of others.

Novak Djokovic last tried to enter the Australia Open but the government didn’t allow it. He had to face courts and many other cases for that. After spending a lot of time on that he failed and was sent to Serb.

This incident made everyone think that this time Novak will take the full dose of the vaccine to return to the Grand Slum court. Earlier this month this rumor was all over the media. And we get many singles from the Serb champion that he will take vaccination against Covid-19.

As the year begins the tennis world started to design the set of Grand Slam court. It also brings the issue of Djokovic.

Even we all heard the rumor of Novak getting jabbed, the world champion made it clear that he is not going to take vaccination against the Covid-19 virus. He made the issue clear that he won’t join in the French Open or Wimbledon if it requires him to jab. He also said that he will stay out of every Grand Slam event if the mandatory vaccination rules apply.

Djokovic won the French Open two times and he won the Wimbledon trophy six times. But Novak will sacrifice the chance of winning the Grand Slam trophy if it requires vaccine proof. He, Nadal, and Federer all three used to hold 20 grand slams each. But after winning Australia Open, Nadal is now the only one to hold 21 grand slam.

Novak Djokovic’s Next Tour:

There is no written rule in grand slams competitions that players need to vaccinate for participating in the tournament. ATP doesn’t have any kinda restriction like that either. But the French health inspector said players must be vaccinated or recently recovered for entering the French Open. So, Novak may get a chance to play there but the government guy says that without jabbing Djokovic won’t have any chance to enter into French Open. On the other hand, Wimbledon didn’t provide any surety of Novak’s entry into the tournament. Although the UK government has rules for players’ vaccination.

Djokovic’s next tour is in Dubai. We got his name in the entry list of Indian Wells which is scheduled in March. He will probably participate in the BNP Paribas tournament if they allow it.

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