The Australian immigration ministry recently banned the Serbian tennis star, Djokovic from entering Australia for 3 years. Thereby, he couldn’t participate in the Australian Open in 2022. But the likelihood of his ban lift has recently increased.

Why was Novak Djokovic Banned

Djokovic was slated to fly to Australia in January to compete in the Australian Open. But soon an Australian administration canceled his visa. As a reason, they provided his anti-vaccination sentiment. As the player hasn’t taken the vaccination for Covid–19 yet.

Following that, the player’s management called a court challenge. Unfortunately, Australian authorities withdrew his visa for the second time. The ABF stated, “(Djokovic) failed to provide appropriate evidence” to support his vaccination status. They added, “The Australian Border Force will continue to ensure that those who arrive at our border comply with our laws and entry requirements”.

The player was deported from Australia after his visa was revoked three times in a row. Furthermore, the Australian Immigration Ministry banned him from entering the country for three years. They cited the threat of “civil unrest” as the basis for his anti-vaccination stance.

Djokovic’s Ban Lift and Conditions

Alex Hawke, Australia’s immigration minister, recently commented on the ban scenario. He suggested that the restriction would be lifted under specific conditions. He went on to say that he was canceling Djokovic’s visa due to “health and good order.” Furthermore, public interest played a significant role in the choice.

The ruling came four days after Djokovic won a court battle. He got released from immigration detention as a result of his legal victory. Furthermore, he moved out of the Melbourne airport to a hotel with this. On the other hand, the minister explained his decision to withdraw the visa. There he claimed that the Australian government was dedicated to defending the country’s borders during the pandemic.

Djokovic’s Comments on the Ban and Lift

While being detained, Djokovic expressed his conditions as “very hard.” He stated that despite wanting to, he did not speak out in the media at the time. Since he intended to respect both the court process and the Australian Open.

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The athlete also stated that he is not affiliated with the anti-vax campaign. However, he believes that an individual has the right to make his or her own decisions. This should be noted that Djokovic previously tested positive for covid in 2020. He also admitted recently to not isolating himself after testing positive for covid.

Fans’ reactions to the situation have been mixed. While some fans brought up his earlier instances of taking pain relievers and not isolating himself. Some supporters have supported him in this position by recognizing individuals’ right to make their own decisions.

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