Tokyo Solympics 2021 Live Broadcast Guide
Photo: NBC Sports Pressbox

This summer is the most exciting time for all sports fans cause now the world’s biggest showdown of sports events is going on, the Tokyo Olympics. Tokyo Olympic 2020 was supposed to hold in July. But in the first time, the event got postponed because of the Covid-19 pandemic situation. Now, a year later Olympic set back to his throne and ruling all the sports.

This Olympics will get the highest amount of TV coverage view and online view cause the only way to watch Tokyo Olympics is through our TV, mobile, PC, or laptop monitor. Why is it? Because no spectators are allowed in the field for the Covid-19 issue.

So, if you are looking for a way to watch the Tokyo Olympics games then you are in the right place. Here we will talk about all the possible ways to live stream Tokyo Olympics 2021.

So, let’s see what option we have to watch the live-action event.

How to Live Stream Tokyo Olympics 2021?

Watching the Olympics 2021 live from home won’t be a hard job if you know the right channel and platforms. There are plenty of channels and online stages available which will offer you the Olympic. But all of them aren’t bug-free and could contaminate your device.

So here we prepared a list of the best streaming site for the Olympics where you stream all the sports sections without facing any problems.

So, let’s see what are they.

Online Platforms to stream Tokyo Olympics:

  1. Peacock
  2. Fubo TV
  3. CBC


Peacock is a live streaming server based in the USA. It’s the best service for watching the Olympics online. The apps will allow you to live stream the whole event without paying single money. Cause Peacock doesn’t require any money for a subscription. If you are a little short on money then Peacock is your best option.

Fubo TV:

Fubo TV is one of the most popular live-streaming platforms based in the USA. They have access to many countries so you could watch Fubo TV outside of the USA too. Fubo TV is well known for offering all sorts of sports, movies, reality shows, etc. content.

The 2020 Olympics will also be available on Fubo TV. To watch the Tokyo Olympics through Fubo TV will cost you 69.99 dollars for the subscription cost.

Like Fubo TV, there are some other streaming platforms available too such as YouTube TV, Hulu Plus TV, and AT&T TV Now.


For the Canadian Olympic fans, CBC is arranging the Olympic show. From the beginning to the end all every program will be broadcast through CBC in Canada. Users could use the apps through any device. Whatever device you are using can be coped with CBC apps. Outside of Canada, fans can also get CBC by using VPN.

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TV Channels to watch Tokyo Olympics:

  1. NBC (USA)
  2. BBC iPlayer (UK)
  3. 7Plus (AUS)
  4. TSN (Can)
  5. TVNZ (NZ)


NBC is a USA-based TV channel. For US sports fans, NBC will broadcast the whole Olympics event with the help of five others channels- USA Network, CNBC, NBCSN, Olympic Channel, and the Golf Channel. NBC comes free with a cable line so the viewers won’t have to pay any extra money for that. Go with the schedule and enjoy the whole Olympic event.

NBC Olympics 2021
Photo: NBC Sports

BBC iPlayer:

In the UK, Olympic coverage will be shown on the BBC iPlayer. It’s a UK-based TV channel. All the dwellers of the UK could stream the whole Olympic event with BBC iPlayer. Make sure your channel has BBC iPlayer. If it doesn’t have it then contact your cable liner and fix it immediately.


7Plus TV channel is for Australian viewers. They are one of the most popular TV channels in Australia, well known for providing sports-related content.


Who hasn’t heard of the famous TV channel TSN? TSN provided live streams and news of all sorts of sports. If you are looking for a place to gain knowledge on sports then TSN is the best place to visit.

It’s a Canada-based TV channel. For Canadian sports fans, TSN will broadcast the whole Tokyo Olympic event.


The New Zealand fan base is one of the biggest fan bases of the Olympics. They are very fond of all sorts of sports. For the New Zealand fan, the game will be broadcast live on TVNZ.


Those were the best site for live streaming the 2021 Olympics Games. And if face any problem for the geographical condition the use a VPN to get access to all country. And if you miss any match from the Olympics then look for it on the online platform, there you will find all the contents.


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