Paris Olympics 2024 device to buy ticket

The organizers of the Olympic Games presented instructions for obtaining the precious sesame.

The preparation of the Olympic Games (26 July-11 August) and Paralympic Games (28 August-8 September) 2024 has, in recent weeks, been polluted by controversies that affect the torch relay (more than a dozen departments have refused the entrance ticket at 150,000 euros excluding taxes); and the one on the site of the basketball qualifying events in one of the halls of the Porte de Versailles exhibition center that triggered the wrath of Tokyo silver medallists Evan Fournier and Nicolas Batum.

In this context, on Monday, at the end of a board of directors, the organizers unveiled the device that will accompany the sale of 13.4 million tickets (10 million for the 32 sports of the Olympics, during 700 sessions, and 3.4 million for the Paralympics).

80% of the sale is reserved for the general public, and 20% concerns the Ecosystem of the Games (communities, partners, broadcasters, hospitality, etc.).

Tickets are the most concrete element of the Games, which will make them unique for people,” said Michaël Aloïsio, spokesperson for Paris 2024.

Ticketing, a key moment for the general public and the organizers, represents a third of the revenues (the budget of the Ocog is now nearly 4 billion euros), the rest coming from sponsorship and the contribution of the International Olympic Committee.

“Unique emotions”

If the entire price list is not yet completed, the first information indicates that, on the Olympic part, the entrance fee for tickets to all sports will be set at 24 euros.

One million tickets are reserved for this rate. And almost half of the banknotes will be at 50 euros or less. On the Paralympic part (22 sports), the entrance fee will be 15 euros (500,000 tickets), almost half of the tickets being 25 euros or less.

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And spectators will be able to buy day passes for 24 euros to discover several Paralympic sports.

Take a breath. Paris 2024 will rely on a unique sales site (a 100% digital ticket office). The starting line is drawn in December 2022.

Candidates will then be able to register for a draw to allocate slots of several hours, allowing the selected persons to make their purchases in February 2023 during the sale of the packs.

The device, unprecedented, makes it possible to purchase in real-time by knowing the tickets available for sale. Those who have not been selected in the draw will have another possibility.

In May 2023, a unit sale will be organized, with a new draw to obtain a slot. And at the end of 2023, probably without a draw, there will be a new sales phase for the last tickets. For the Paralympic Games, the ticket sales calendar will begin in 2023.

To increase the chances of getting a ticket, the organizers advise joining the Paris 2024 club ( to win priority access when opening sales and receive all the ticketing information.

To fight against the black market, a platform will be created for the second market to allow resale.

After two Olympics (Tokyo 2021 and Beijing 2022) behind closed doors due to the health crisis, the organizers of Paris 2024 hope to fill the stadiums. The conservative budgetary assumptions are based on filling rates of 85%.

The race is soon on. Work on ticketing the opening and closing ceremonies has not yet been carried out.

Tony Estanguet, President of the Cojo, sums up: “Following the Games is always a taste of unique emotions, moments that inspire and bring people together (…) It is an experience that marks life (…) You will be able to say, “I was there.”

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