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Manchester United is going to face Manchester City tonight in the Etihad Stadium. It’s a long-wanted clash that all the football was waiting to see. As City is now the most dangerous team on the board after Liverpool, everyone wants to see what can Manu do to stop Pep Guardiola.

Well, that won’t be an easy job. Cause stopping Guardiola is quite impossible for anyone. They are the leading team since the beginning of the championship. People are making so many suggestions on how could United stop Manchester City. And Paul Merson gives a quite shocking suggestion. He thinks Ronaldo and Maguire should stay outside of the field in their match against Man City.

Before going into what Merson says let’s see Ronaldo and Maguire’s condition and how is their performance in the field recently. That will help us to understand what Merson wanted to say.

Harry Maguire is one of the biggest strengths of United. His defending skill prevented so many attacks of opponents. But recently the English defender is having a rough time in his career. He is not completely in himself while playing in the field competing with his previous performance. Lots of people suggest removing Maguire from upcoming matches.

There were huge possibilities to strip Maguire but coach Ralf Rangnick insist on the staying of the English defender. Though Rangnick also admits that Maguire has some problems, the coach is optimistic about Maguire.

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Maguire also went through some of the security observations cause of the low performance. Nothing fault has been found so far. Rangnick selecting Maguire has raised so many questions and criticism. It has created tension among the hearts of every Manu fan. But everyone is hoping for the best.

On the other hand, Ronaldo isn’t being much helpful to his either. He just had 1 goal in the last 10 matches. While in his first 20 matches Ronaldo scored 14 goals. Although he took a total of 79 shots in this premier league season and he is only behind Mohamed Salah who took 99 shots.

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What Paul Merson says about stripping off Ronaldo and Maguire?

Paul Merson recently had an interview with Soccer Saturday. There he talked about Ronaldo and Maguire. And how these two players can help the team. He also criticized both of them and suggest what should Manu do with Ronaldo and Maguire.

Merson says, “If the reports are right (of players wanting Maguire dropped from the team), that’s not nice because Maguire is a top bloke and a good professional who looks after the players. He’s not really anxious about himself and he’s a team player.

But for me, I don’t think he plays in this game and I’d also play [Marcus] Rashford and [Anthony] Elanga. If they’ve got any chance of winning this game, they have to play on the counter-attack with plenty of pace, skill, and energy.

And personally, I’d leave Ronaldo out of this match. Against Watford, they dominated the game and had something like 80 percent possession, but they’re not going to have the ball as much against City.”

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