Peng Shuai Sexual Assault
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Since the end of the last year, Peng Shuai’s sexual assault news is being talked about all over the media. It raises so many questions about the safety of women in tennis and more specifically in China. WTA promised that they will find out the truth behind that event. They take several actions but nothing came out yet.

Last year in November Shuai posted on social media that she has been sexually assaulted by a former Chains communist leader. But later Shuai delete the post and no one heard from her for nearly weeks.

We all know how strict the Chinese government is and how far they could go to protect their image. So, everyone was very much concerned about the safety of Shuai. The rumor was in the air that government threaten Shuai for posting such a sensitive issue on the public. And now she is being forced to tell lies to the world.

After being gone for three weeks she returned. She also appeared four three times in public and interviews. But when she was asked about the assault she denies it every time.

Recently, Shuai gave an interview with the French newspaper L’Equipe. Peng said on the matter that she never said she has been sexually assaulted by anyone. During the interview, she also said there has been a huge misunderstanding with the outside world about what she was trying to say.

The interviewer asked why she deleted the post. Peng said, “Because I wanted to. I don’t want the meaning of this post to be twisted anymore. And I don’t want any further media hype around it.”

Peng was given the question in advance before the interview. And a Chinese government person was there to translate for her word.

What’s WTA thought on Peng Shuai denying sexual assault and her retirement?

Well, Peng’s interview with the French newspaper didn’t change the mind of the WTA board. They still believe that Peng is going behind from her given statement cause of the pressure of the government. And it changes nothing for the WTA. They continue the investigation to bring out cats from the bag.

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WTA board said, “her recent in-person interview does not alleviate any of our concerns about her initial post from November 2.”

“To reiterate our view, Peng took a bold step in publicly coming forth with the accusation that she was sexually assaulted by a senior Chinese government leader.”

The WTA board arranged a meeting with Peng in private so that Shuai can talk freely. They also arranged an investigation team for the case. WTA said, they would do anything to protect their player from all around the world.

After the incident, Peng announced that she will go retirement from professional tennis. Shuai said, “my multiple surgeries and the pandemic that forced me to stop for so long, I believe it will be very difficult to regain my physical level.”  Even though Peng gave us hints of retirement considering Peng’s recent activities it seems like she is not going anywhere soon.

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