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PGA Tour bosses are now kinda afraid about the fact that they are losing players from their tour to Saudi financed tournament LIV Golf. PGA’s fear for Phil Mickelson’s was on the top of the list since the beginning of the year. And a shocking report went viral that Mickelson received 24 million euros to play in all eight tournaments of LIV golf. The accuracy of the news becomes more certain when Mickelson asks for release from PGA to play in the LIV tournament.

LIV golf tournament is the upcoming golf tournament that is financed and maintained by the Saudi international. But so the PGA and so many other golfers are against that tournament. As Saudi Arabia has a bad history record with human rights. There are so many rules and regulations one has to follow to live in Saudi and nobody can taste complete freedom there.

PGA board and all other top-ranked players demotivating their players about joining the LIV tournament. PGA even threats its player that if they take in the Saudi International golf then they will ban players from PGA.

But the LIV tournament offers a huge amount of money to its players. It’s kinda a lifetime opportunity for all the players to earn a big amount. The prize money for the LIV tournament will surely make the life of a golfer.

And that’s why players are ready to leave PGA and join Saudi International golf. It’s been reported that Mickelson received a £24 million payment to play at the LIV tournament.

Mickelson is out of the golf course for a long time now. He didn’t play since competing in the Farmers Insurance tour. Mickelson says he will return in US Open but before that, he may appear in the LIV Golf tournament.

LIV tournament will organisation eight tournaments. They will most probably start on June 9 to 11. The first tournament of the LIV championship will take place in London.

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If Mickelson took that money for truth, then he will have to join in all eight tournaments. Unless he will have to return a percentage of the money or worse, he will have to return the money with a penalty.

After playing the first event, LIV will move to Portland, Oregon. But the US golf has a rule that no PGA member can play other tournaments on the US ground except PGA Tour. This rule won’t allow Mickelson to play in the LIV tournament.

What’s Phil Mickelson said about participating in the LIV Golf?

Previously Mickelson talked badly about Saudi International Golf. He criticises them saying they are ” scary motherf—ers to get involved with”. Also, criticise their human rights track record before deciding to play at the LIV tournament and seeing the tournament as a lifetime opportunity.

Mickelson didn’t leave PGA either, he said previously about PGA that they are dictators and they don’t give enough attention to the bottom players. Though, Mickelson later apologised to PGA for his behaviour.

Recently Mickelson’s agent Steve Loy said, “Phil currently has no concrete plans on when and where he will play.

Any actions taken now are in no way a reflection of a final decision made, but rather to keep all options open.”

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