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Sergio Ramos was always considered one of the most dangerous players of all time and game leading player. But since his joining the PSG last summer, he couldn’t be completely himself for a long time. Cause of the injury and unfit body condition Ramos is out filed for a long time now. He hasn’t appeared in the field for more than a year now.

So, PSG’s plan didn’t go the way they were thinking. Ramos has picked up three knocks since he joins with the Persian club. He is mainly suffering from his calf injuries.

Ramos’s absence for this long created some inside talks. People are raising questions against Ramos’s capability to again. His club’s managers, owners, coaches everyone is very much concerned about the whole situation regarding Ramos.

Recently, in an interview, PSG’s boss Mauricio Pochettino talks about Ramos for while. In that session, Pochettino clear his thought about the Spaniard. Even though lots of people think that Ramos’s days are over and he has nothing to offer PSG, the coach believes something different. Pochettino thinks that Ramos still could help the team a lot, especially in their upcoming match against Real Madrid.

Pochettino says about Ramos, ” Well, Ramos is not integrated into the squad, but it is clear that in a Champions League tournament a player like Sergio can pass on that experience and logically, having been captain and playing for 17 years at a club like Madrid, he can pass on that experience and give good advice to his fellow teammates.”

“It would be nice if he was always available for selection, but that is the same for any other players who are injured or suspended. It is a good time for us to be all together for our run of matches.”

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Though Pochettino is still hoping that Ramos will bring them huge benefits in the upcoming matches but not all others are optimistic about Ramos. PSG sporting director is one of them who thinks the Ramos deal was a mistake. Last week he speaks out clearly about his thoughts on the former Madrid captain. Leonardo thinks signing Ramos in PSG was a mistake. He says, “I am not afraid to take responsibility for mistakes when I make them.”

Is it really a mistake or not, we can’t tell for sure but what PSG planned and thought, Ramos surely failed to bring them into the light. Hope in the near future Ramos will prove himself once again.

When will Sergio Ramos play again?

That’s probably the most asked question in the whole football community. Since Messi joins in the PSG everyone wants to see Messi and Ramos sharing the field together.

It will be one of the historic moments for sure. Cause no one forgets the rivalry between these two players. Seeing them on the side will be a moment that everyone wanna see. And especially, all the fans wanna see Ramos, Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe all together.

PSG will face their second match with Real Madrid on March 10 and before that, they will face Nice. The club pushed Ramos to be prepared for the upcoming matches. So, there is a huge chance that we may see him play against the club where he spends 17 years.

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