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Portugal is set to face North Macedonia in the knockout stage of the Qatar World Cup. Tonight in the playoff round one of them will earn the tickets to play in the final round of the Qatar World Cup 2022.

It’s a life or death situation for Portugal. Portugal hasn’t missed World Cup for a long time now. Manchester United boss Cristiano Ronaldo always made his path to the world cup. Under his captaincy, Portugal gave amazing performances all the time.

Tonight Ronaldo’s fight against North Macedonia is very much important for his team and his future. So, many things are depending on Portugal vs North Macedonia. The whole world considers Ronaldo the prince of football, people all over the world admire his performance and followed him.

Everyone love to see Ronaldo on the field. His performance gives confidence in the heart of his teammates and the audience. But this match is very important for Ronaldo. Cause after Qatar World Cup, Ronaldo will age 41 years old in the next World Cup. He will most probably attend the next World Cup too.

But first Ronaldo wants to make sure their entry at the 2022 world cup. And Ronaldo gives hints that if he failed to reach the final round then he will go to retirement from the national team. So, this is a life-or-death match for both Portugal and Ronaldo.

Ronaldo says about the match, “I urge the fans – I want hell breaking loose at Dragao [Stadium in Portugal]”

“I went to bed last night thinking that I want the stadium to shut down the music for our national anthem and let the fans sing it acapella [Portugal National Anthem] to show our passion, our strength, and union around the objective of reaching the World Cup.”

He also added, “We already know that if we win, we’re going to go to the World Cup, if we lose, we’re out. We have a responsibility to be positive and win the game. Macedonia was surprised and did so in many games, but I think tomorrow it will not surprise us. Portugal will be better and we will go to the World Cup.”

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North Macedonia’s preparation and response to Portugal vs North Macedonia match:

A few years back from now, no one would perhaps ever heard of North Macedonia and had no idea about their power. But for the past two or three years, Macedonia is rising very rapidly.

They are destroying everyone those are coming on their way. In this world cup qualifying match, Macedonia won the eighth match out of nine under the observation of BlagojaMilevski.

They knocked out teams like Italy from the final round. It was really surprising seeing Italy out of the world cup. North Macedonia is fully prepared for Portugal and they are determined to play in the final round. Portugal will surely have a hard time against North Macedonia.

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