PSG Offers Full Sports Controlling To Keep Mbappe

PSG Mbappe
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The famous headline for Real Madrid is now “First France, then Mbappe.” The talking of Kylian Mbappe’s leaving PSG and joining Madrid has been going on for a long time. And everyone knows that Mbappe has made up his mind. But PSG is desperate to keep the striker in their team. They offered Mbappe an unbelievable deal. PSG will handle the sports control project in the hand of Mbappe if he agrees to stay. And also provided a huge amount of money which will make Mbappe the highest-paid athlete in the whole world.

Kylian Mbappe is undoubtedly the best player in Paris-Saint-Germain. Other top-ranked players are playing for the PSG, including Messi and Neymar, but now, at this point, their performance is deficient compared to the Mbappe. Mbappe is the main power and weapon of PSG. The whole PSG’s condition is now deplorable. And if Mbappe leaves the club, then PGS will lose their main hope.

So, PSG is ready to do anything to keep the French star in the club. They desperately want the 23 years old football on their team. So, to keep Mbappe in French, PSG offers an incredible deal.

What PSG offers to Mbappe is genuinely mind-blowing. Probably no other player in history has this much power over his club. PSG has offered Mbappe the sports controlling manager position of the team. This will give Mbappe boundless control over the team. He could change the whole map and design of PSG.

Sporting controller manager means the ability to fire and hire anyone in the team. If he agrees with the offered deal, he will be the project owner. And this will allow Mbappe to fire anyone he wants, including his teammates, manager, and coach.

Not only this, but PSG has also offered Mbappe a huge amount of money. This will make the French star one of the highest-paid athletes worldwide. His proposed deal will give him more than 4 million euros every month. Not only this, but he will also get 100 million euros upfront for signing the contract.

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When will Mbappe move to Real Madrid?

Mbappe has given such a fantastic performance for his current club, PSG. He has scored 25 goals and 17 assists to help the team. His performance indeed helped the team to reach where it is today. Mbappe is the top player in both scores and assists section for PSG this season.

But Mbappe set up his mind a long time ago to join Madrid. Last season Madrid offered a handsome deal to buy Mbappe. But PSG declined all the offers and kept the player on their team. And now Mbappe is a free agent. He can now go anywhere he wants.

Real Madrid will play the UCL final match against Liverpool on May 28. And it’s been said that after the last match, Madrid will sign their contract with Mbappe.

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