PSG Sell Neymar
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PSG is one of the richest clubs that hold so many stars players. Neymar is one of their best players. The club bought Neymar with great hope. The Brazilian was given a new life and a new journey in the PSG. There he could have made his career just the way he want.

Neymar had a chance here to be the leading player and he doesn’t have to live under the shadows of other players. But not everything happens as we planned. PSG’s plan was something that Neymar failed to bring success. And now, PSG is thinking of getting of Neymar.

It has been five years since Neymar join the Persian club. But the dream France club cherish in their heart and took Neymar in, it stayed unfulfilled. As the club was knocked out from the last 16, they had to sacrifices the dream to win the UEFA Champions League cup for this season too.

The club president is fed-up with Neymar as the Brazilian star failed to fulfill their expectations. That’s why the club decided not to work with Neymar anymore. PSG will sell Neymar at the end of the season.

A Spanish news media published an article about Neymar selling based on the famous France freelancer reporter Romain Molina. Molina is one of the world’s most famous reporters, his article publishes in many worlds famous papers like the New York Times, BBC, etc.

In 2017, PSG include Neymar in their by paying a huge amount of money. The transactions of Neymar cost them 222 million euros. But after coming to Paris, Neymar wasn’t able to give his best for much time. If we take this season’s example then we could see that Neymar’s performance wasn’t satisfying either. In league one, Neymar played 13 matches where he got only four goals. And in the champions league group stage and knock-out round, Neymar played a total of six matches where he didn’t get a single goal.

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The reporter says PSG’s precedent has made his final decision about Neymar. He is not thinking about anything else but selling Neymar in this season. Though the club made history while buying Neymar, they won’t get the same price in time of selling. Cause of Covid-19 situation no has now enough money. PSG will start their bid for Neymar from 100 million euros.

What’s else will change in the upcoming season?

After Neymar, Messi, and Mbappe trio, everybody thought this time nobody will be able to stop PSG. The club will finally achieve its dream cup. But unfortunately, Messi’s time isn’t going well at the club, Neymar stayed in injury. Only Mbappe did something for the club which can be considered a great job. His goal against Real Madrid saves the team for the first time. He tried last time too, but Benzema scored three goals and completely destroy PSG.

That match put PSG out of the tournament. Which will surely affect the PSG’s manager. The club manager Mauricio Pochettino’s future probably won’t be long with PSG.

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