Rafael Nadal fires direct warning to Novak Djokovic over Grand Slam appearances

Rafael Nadal Warns Novak Djokovic about Covid-19 Vaccine
Photo: Eurosport

Rafael Nadal is now the first man to achieve 21 single major titles in history. After his making appearance in the Australia Open Nadal made history. His return from injury became an outstanding event for Nadal.

The competition of the tournament was marvelous but it would have been more exciting if Novak Djokovic had the opportunity to join in the AU Open. Every fan of tennis felt the absence of Djokovic.

Still, Djokovic has no certainty to be part of big tournaments. This is a huge concern to all his fans and everyone is talking about it. Recently, Nadal had an interview and there he brings up the Djokovic issue. He warned Djokovic about the bad effect of not getting a vaccination.

He told the reporter that it will effects Novak’s career if he didn’t get jabbed. Nadal also said that nothing will happen to anybody nor the Grand Slam if Djokovic didn’t attend but it will cause him a lot.

Nadal had no objection against Djokovic not getting jabbed. He supports his ideal and decisions. He said about the fact, “Everyone makes their own choices and they must live with them.”

But Nadal didn’t stop after this statement. He then said, “In that case, hopefully, the pandemic situation go away and there are no longer so many deaths in the world and that this horror ends and, with it, that it can return to everything in order, but not only for Novak, but the world in general.”

And then Nadal welcomed Djokovic to play in the grand slam if he got the opportunity of playing without vaccination. Nadal also mentioned that everyone has suffered from the Covid-19 situation, it’s not just Djokovic so if he can play the slams without being vaccinated, he is welcome.

Rafael Nadal explained why he attended the Australia Open:

Nadal is now in Mexico to play at the 2022 Mexican Open. He was speaking at the press conference of the upcoming tournament. There he talks about the Djokovic issue. He also talks about his appearance in Australia Open. The subject came up cause before attending the AU Open he wasn’t completely well. So, participating in the AU Open was a big challenge for him.

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Nadal told the reporter that he had two reasons to take part in the AU Open. He said, “First one because I have played very little in the last two years and because I feel like playing tennis.”

“The second, because after Australia, I had to examine how my body would respond, because always, historically, after Australia, I noticed a physical downturn. This year was similar. At the pain level, my body was responding relatively well, after what happened and that led me to decide to come.”

And that’s helped him to start a great year. He is very optimistic about the Mexican Open too. Besides Nadal, many other top-ranked players will also participate in the Mexican Open. And another exciting match we will get to see very soon cause both Nadal and Medvedev will be here. Medvedev will try his best to take the last match revenge.

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