Rafael Nadal
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Rafael Nadal has always been the biggest tennis celebrity, alongside Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. But after winning the French Open, he took himself to the God level. After winning the French Open, Nadal says, “I would probably not have played any other Grand Slam with my injury.”

Last night Rafael Nadal won his 22nd major grand slam trophy at Ronal Garros. The French Open is the best place for Nadal. He knows every bit of corner and grass of the Ronald Garros. Nadal only lost three games on the French Open court in his whole career.

Nadal’s final game was against Casper Ruud. He dominates the whole game over Rudd. Rudd got not a single chance over Nadal in the final. Nadal beat him by 6-3,6-3,6-0 points.

Nadal started the season by winning the Australian Open. Djokovic was the defending champion of that event. Djokovic failed to participate in that event cause of the Covid-19 restriction. There Nadal won his 21st grand slam. Winning at the AU Open made Nadal the grandest slam winner in history.

After winning the French Open, Nadal says, “I would probably not have played any other grand slam with my injury.”

He also added, “We have been through many emotions throughout the whole tournament. Probably the most unexpected, surprising (title) and all the things I had to do to play the event makes the title one of the most special.”

When he was asked about the challenges of the tournament, Nadal said, “Of course, when you arrive with a poor preparation like I did, every day is a challenge; you need to increase your level of tennis every single day.”

Djokovic Fear:

When both Nadal and Djokovic took part at the French Open, everyone thought Djokovic would beat Nadal again. All the odds and critics’ predictions favored the world as number one. Plus, Nadal was injured, so it was hard for him to overcome a tennis star like Djokovic.

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But, Nadal proved everyone and every calculation wrong. He becomes the first man in history to be the owner of the 22 grand slam. Before that, Federer, Djokovic, and Nadal all had 20 grand slam titles, but now Nadal has become the boss of the boss.

This indeed placed Djokovic’s position among the world’s best tennis players. When everyone had the same amount of grand slams, Djokovic was the unannounced best player among them. Everyone believes that Djokovic is the best among the three bosses of tennis. But now, things are not the same anymore, and this situation kind of made Djokovic afraid. He is looking forward to winning all the events at any cost, but joining the Wimbledon is still an unsure cause of the controversy.

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