Rafinha, From The Rejected Boy To FC Barcelona Player

Many Brazilians have conquered Europe wearing the Barcelona jersey. From the 70s until today, they have been closely associated with this team in Catalonia. A large part of the Seleção legends came from the streets of Catalonia. Believe it or not, history says so. This number includes Romario, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Dani Alves, and even Neymar Jr. They are an integral part of this club’s history.

The best striker in history Ronaldo Nazario’s European career is also in the hands of this Catalan club. Neymar, the best Brazilian of the current generation or the 20th century, also started his European or worldwide fame and great career with the Blaugrana color of Catalonia. Midfielder Paulinho from the Chinese League has also been successful in this jersey. Amidst all this, some Seleção has failed in recent times in this club’s jersey.

One of the two best transfer records in the history of Bara came with the then-star Philippe Coutinho or the magic box. Couldn’t take advantage at all, failed or flop. Many other talented celebrities like Arthur Mello, Malcolm, Matthews Fernandez, and many others have not been able to take advantage in recent times. But for these few, the situation of many Brazilian fans of this generation is such that they are frustrated if they have Barcelona linked with their player.

Today, another Brazilian with incredible talent and a bright future joined the Barcelona football club in Catalonia. His dream club is in Blaugana.

Rafael Diaz Belloli (Rafinha)

Born in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil, in the second week of December 1996. This 1.76-meter-tall samba boy’s father was an Italian musician. And like four Brazilians, he also spent his childhood in poverty. They also get hands for food. There was no separate room to stay in. Growing up in the room where the whole family including parents, and brothers lived. This is how his childhood passed.

When Rafinha was 7, he joined his father and uncle for the birthday party of hometown legend, former Brazilian and Barca footballer Ronaldinho. And since then, Rafinha has been addicted to football. He slowly started to accept football as his philosophy. And like four Brazilians, the son of a musician father vowed to become a footballer.

However, Rafinha’s football career did not start very early. National or academy football was not learned before the age of twenty. However, at the age of 18 he started playing the first competitive football in a local league. However, that tournament was a very terrible journey as it was a local league. There were also death threats and apprehensions in the open field. There, playing the first competitive football of his career, he captured the ghost of becoming a big footballer. Then, at the age of 20, he started playing academic football. I talked about that local tournament, Rafinha played impressively there. The call to give a trial came from Brazil’s top club Gremio and Sports Club International. But he was nowhere to be found. Failed and returned home disappointed. Titled The Rejected Boy’s rise to fame. Let’s explain a little more.

The Brazilian Sports Club International was the hometown of Porto Alegre and the most popular club there. It was Rafinha’s childhood dream club. But even with three trials, he could not fix it just for his height. Rafinha’s representatives kept saying to Club T, ‘Why isn’t Rafinha taking anyone? The best player in the world today is Lionel Messi. His (Rafinha) height is not less than his (Messi)? If Messi can play in European football, why can’t Rafinha play here? ‘ Although no good answer has ever come from the club. Rafinha’s childhood dream ended there.

Rafinha’s father did not give up. Started football again with a local club called Imbituta. After playing there for a few days, a call came from the then Brazilian top league team ‘Abai’. He took them to the youth team. At that time, Rafinha was past adolescence and into adulthood. Continue there till age 21. He played well and got a call from the Brazil youth team. Become their wonder boy. Rafinhao dreams again. He dreamed of playing for the Catalan football club Barcelona, not a local club this time.

Rafinha’s career took a turn when he came in contact with a man. The name is her deco. Known as the Brazilian Portuguese. Former footballer of Barcelona and Portugal. He joined his agency D20 Sports at the age of 20. Rafa then traveled to Europe on behalf of the Portuguese top-tier club Victory Sports Club with a book dream. There, the surprised boy scored 16 goals in 43 matches. Become the club’s breakthrough of the year.

Deco moved Rafinha to Ronaldo’s boyhood club Sporting Lisbon after two seasons despite interest from several European giants. Rafinha played Champions League football there for the first time. In the 2018-19 season, Rafa won the domestic tournament ‘Tassa de Portugal’ and ‘Tassa de Liga’ together with Bruno Fernandes. But after playing there for two seasons, he moved on again. Reach the top five with the goal of going to a bigger stage. The French team brought him to Renne at a record cost of around 21 million. There he played a great role in bringing the team back to UCL in exchange for 6 goals and 6 assists in 1 season.

Then comes the time of career change. There comes an opportunity to know one’s caste in front of the world. A call comes from one of the greatest coaches of all time, Marcelo Bielsa. About 20 million came to the traditional Premier League club Leeds United. Where Argentinian coach Bielser once again made a fuss by showing his class. In the first 20 matches in the EPL, he started at 17 o’clock and started with 5 goals and 5 assists. Then scored 6 goals in that season. And in the second season, he scored 11 goals and became the top scorer of the team. Saved Leeds from relegation. Be one of the hotcakes of the football world.

In August 2021, the first call came from the Brazilian national team. Rangan Rafa made his debut in October. Brazil became the name of great hope for fans. The debut match was against Venezuela. Brazil was trailing 1-0 in the match until 70 minutes. Rafinha then entered the field as a substitute and won a penalty with two goals to win the match 3-1 to write the story of the comeback. For the first time for Brazil against Uruguay, Rafa entered the starting eleven and scored two goals.

Sapnabaz Rafinha has already visited 5 clubs and 4 countries in his 7-year football career. His dream club Barcelona is going to be his number 6 club and number five country. He gave his all to come here. The Englishman gave a thumbs up to all the big clubs about his dream club. Maybe he told them about a childhood dream that could not be fulfilled. Never want to lose the second meeting dream. no way

Having scored 61 goals in 245 matches in his career, the Sambay is no longer as undisciplined as the four Brazilians. Conscious enough of his own career. The set piece has efficient, great speed dribbling capabilities. Everything a winger is supposed to have is present in him. The demand list of all the big clubs in Europe is no longer on the list.

The boy who was repeatedly rejected 6 years ago has come to play for Barcelona today. Ronaldinho has come to take Neymar’s Brazilian legacy one step higher. As a football fan, you can have all the blessings to fulfill his dream.


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