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Real Madrid has passed the most successful season. Besides spending a great season, Madrid shines in the financial sector too. They were named the most valuable team in the Europe League this year by Football Benchmark and in a Forbes report. The Football Benchmark report said Madrid earn 3.184 billion euros and the Forbes put the club at the top with 4.8 billion dollars.

Real Madrid is undoubtedly the most successful club in La Liga. They are at the top-ranked on the scoreboard for a long time. Many giants clubs like Barca, Liverpool, and Manchester City have been earning a huge amount of revenue every year. Yet, putting Madrid behind is getting harder every day. Madrid has been named the most successful club for the last four years. They are continuously improving their financial condition along with performance.

Real Madrid will take home a giant amount of money for reaching the UEFA Champions League final. They will provide with 100 million euros more for playing in the final match. It increased the value of Madrid by 7 per cent. They overpassed their biggest rival Barca this season when last time Barca was named the valuable team by Forbes.

The club is planning to renovate their iconic home stadium Bernabeu. The budget for the renovating stadium is huge, they will expense around 675 million euros on the stadium. However, the plan is currently not underway cause the club is stuck in an important deal. They are getting by from the JP Morgan and Bank of America.

Real is the most successful team in football and the world sports team, their rank is six. Los Blancos named the sixth most valuable team in the whole sports team. Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, New York Knicks, Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers are ahead of Madrid in the world ranking.

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Football Benchmark reporters and author explain how Real Madrid become the most successful club this season. In Andrea Sartori’s words, Madrid has extended their lead at the top due to continuous sporting and commercial success.

What are other top-ranked successful teams of the year?

After Real Madrid, Barcelona is in the second position of the ranking. This was Barca’s worst season in the last 22 years. After losing Messi, they become faint. With the hand of Xavi Barca is returning to the elite place but the speed is very slow. Moreover, the whole process of making Barca like the old days or even stronger will take a lot of time.

Even though had a bad season Barca managed to become the second most valuable team according to Forbes record. They earned around five billion dollars this season.

Manchester United is in the third position of the rank. Their earnings increased by 30 per cent compared to the last year’s first-quarter period. They are holding the third position with 4.6 billion dollars and Liverpool is in the fourth place with 4.45 billion dollars.

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